Twisted Ties 

Two years ago, Emma Preston walked away from Jesse Daniels. It is a decision she has regretted ever since. Plagued with the knowledge that Ally’s lies tore them apart, Emma enlists Jesse’s former best friend, Andy, to help her search for him.

When he left California, Jesse was determined to start over in West Virginia with his mother. Now, the past is determined to catch up with him—first, with the appearance of Ally, and when Emma and Andy come back into his life.

Just when Emma thinks she’s found Jesse, a dark secret and misunderstandings force them apart before they can even reconnect. Jesse is torn between his love for Emma and protecting his childhood friend, Ally. Ally has an agenda of her own, and she’s not about to let Emma get in her way—even if that means getting rid of her…permanently.

Can Emma and Jesse’s relationship survive all of their twisted ties?

**WARNING- This review is spoiler free, but if you didn’t read Shattered Ties (book one in the series) then you shouldn’t read this review!**

Stacia- Twisted Ties is book two in the Ties series and picks up where Shattered Ties left off. After crazy Ally spread one too many lies and ruins several relationships, Jesse moves to West Virginia with his mom and her new boyfriend and he is left feeling like he has no one. Emma is left feeling lost and confused, and she quickly forms a friendship with Andy (Jesse’s childhood best friend). It is now two years later and Emma and Andy have learned the truth and have been searching for Jesse to no avail. So, when Emma gets accepted into West Virginia University, it becomes the perfect opportunity for her and Andy to try to find Jesse there.

Tina- Emma finally has broken away from her very opinionated mother and her and Andy set out for West Virginia. That is a pretty serious move to make considering they went to West Virginia not even knowing if Jesse would be there! Emma just hoped that she would find Jesse somehow and she could apologize and they would just pick back up where they left off! I think those expectations were a little high!

“I wanted to be the girl I had been before, the girl who had never been hurt.”

Stacia- Yes Tina, as it turns out these expectations were very high, considering crazy Ally (this is my official nickname for her) beat them to West Virginia and has already weaved a whole new set of lies. Which in turn, creates a whole new set of problems and drama; Emma runs into Ally before she gets a chance to see Jesse and for some odd reason she believes the load of crap that Ally slings her way.

Tina- Crazy Ally is the perfect name for this girl. She has created such a tangled web of lies that I don’t know how she even knows what is true and what isn’t anymore. Emma and Jesse do reunite and it is not all roses at first. Some things have changed in their time apart, but they seem to get past all of it really quickly…a little too quickly as far as I am concerned!

“I’m not giving up on you, Emma-not when I just got the chance to win you back.”

Stacia- I agree Tina, I felt like after everything they had been through the reconnect came together rather quickly. I mean it was two years they were apart- not two months! I also felt like this book became more about crazy Ally and less about the main characters and their love story. Which wouldn’t necessarily be a problem if that is where the first book progressed from, but I just felt like it took over the story and became more of the “Ally” show.

Tina- Absolutely! I think the story of Emma was overshadowed by Ally. I also feel like all the characters’ stories were too mature for them. All of them are only 19-years old and they had been and are dealing with some very mature topics. I am not saying that they couldn’t have sex, but they were just thrown into some very adult situations that I found to be unrealistic.

Stacia- I completely agree; I felt that way after reading the first book in the series too. Overall, I think this story wasn’t really needed and I don’t know that this should have even been a series. I think things could have wrapped up nicely at the end of Shattered ties and Emma and Jesse could have gotten their HEA there. I will say that I enjoyed the friendship between Emma and Andy quite a lot and the friendship/relationship that they formed seemed stronger to me then Jesse and Emma.

Tina- The bond formed between Emma and Andy I found to be very sweet and very real and I definitely feel like they were more connected than with her and Jesse. This book did contain some tense moments that made you unsure of what would happen next; this added some excitement to the book, which I liked. If you enjoyed Shattered Ties, then I definitely recommend reading Twisted Ties so you can get some closure and so you can find out how this crazy storyline ends.


I knew Andy had to work tonight, but I hoped he was at home by now.

There was no way that I could go back to my dorm room and sit alone while all of this was going through my head. I was hanging on to my sanity by a thread, and I knew that if I was by myself while dealing with this, I’d lose it.

I nearly cried in relief when I pulled into his apartment complex parking lot, and I saw his car sitting there. I didn’t have to be alone. He would help me. I ran across the lot, and in too much of a hurry to use the elevator, I sprinted up the stairs to his floor.

Tears were streaming down my cheeks as I beat on his door. I prayed that he hadn’t fallen asleep yet. I had a key to his apartment, but I hated to use it this late at night. I didn’t want him to think someone was trying to break in.

The door opened, and Andy was standing there. He took one look at me and pulled me into his arms.

“Emma, what’s wrong?” he asked.

I was crying too hard to speak, so I shook my head.

“Who’s that?” an unfamiliar female voice asked.

“So, what are you going to do?”

“I need to talk to Ally first and tell her that you know. She’ll be angry with me, but once she figures out that you’re not going to go out and do something stupid, I think she’ll be okay. After that, I’m going to talk with Emma. I said some really horrible shit to her tonight. I accused her of sleeping with you since that’s what Ally told me.”

“Shit. Jesse, I need to talk to you about something.”

I was instantly on alert as I felt him tense beside me. “What?”

“I…okay, first off, it wasn’t something that either of us meant to do.”

“Andy, just tell me what the hell you’re talking about.”

He looked up at me, his eyes filled with remorse. “I slept with Emma.”

About K.A. Robinson

K.A. Robinson is the New York Times and USA Today Best Selling Author of The Torn Series and The Ties Series. She lives in a small town in West Virginia with her husband and toddler son. When she isn’t writing, she is reading or listening to rock music.


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