Shut Up and Kiss Me

She ran from her past.
After relocating from a small town in Tennessee, Mila has been living in New York City for a year and a half, more than happy to be lost in the crowd. Living vicariously through her best friend and roommate, Nikki, Mila spends her days waitressing and her evenings at home. Then, one night, after getting exclusive tickets to a nightclub downtown, Nikki is able to convince Mila to let loose for once.

He’s running from his future.
Having lived a privileged life, William is used to getting what he wants, and who he wants. Now, though, in his thirties, he’s bored, and seeking more from his life than mindless sex, and even worse—mindless women. Spotting Mila from across the club, he senses right away that she’s different from what he’s used to, an observation that proves true.

One night together will change everything for both of them. Pasts and futures will collide, secrets will be revealed, and the results will transform both their lives forever.

Stacia says…

The synopsis for this book intrigued me to the point that I put down another book, ready to jump into this one full force. I read it in one sitting, within hours actually. This is a book about redemption, second chances, and finding your one true love.

“How can you breathe when your entire life, everything you’ve ever known, has fallen to pieces in an instant?”

Mila is full of secrets, but she has to hold these secrets close to her in order to stay safe and to keep those around her safe. We know from the prologue that something bad has happened to her, but the drama surrounding this doesn’t come to a head until later in the book. I am going to avoid spoilers here- so that’s all you will get about that. I enjoyed Mila’s character, especially when she was around Will. He really brought out the best in her.

William Bellamy Townsend III comes from a priviledged life. He has seen and done everything and is really no longer impressed with any of it; he wants something different and Mila is just that! I enjoyed seeing the changes in both of these characters throughout the course of the book, but I will say that although I get the instant connection, the insta-love was a bit too much for me.

“A forever can’t be built on lies. If you want it to last, it has to be built on truth

This book is fairly short, so the storyline wraps up quickly and there is no part that is left open. Although I personally would have liked a different sort of epilogue than what I got, but as you know by now (if you follow our blog) that is just because I am an epilogue whore and want mine done a certain way. If you are looking for a quick summer time read, perhaps even on the beach or floating around in the pool, then this is the one for you.

About Claire C. Riley

Claire C Riley is a Best Selling British Horror writer.

Her work is best described as the modernization of classic, old-school horror. She fuses multi-genre elements to develop storylines that pay homage to cult-classics while still feeling fresh and cutting-edge. She writes characters that are realistic, and kills them without mercy.

Claire lives in the UK with her husband, three daughters, and one scruffy dog.

Her works include, old school gothic vampires and apocalyptic zombie ridden worlds, with several full-length books, novellas and short stories to her name, with plenty more coming up in 2014/2015

Awards and Accreditations.

Odium. The Dead Saga is a top #100 dystopian selling book on for 2013, ‘Indie book of the day’ winner December 2013 and ‘Indie Author Land 50 best self-published books worth reading 2013/14’
Limerence II is a ’50 Best self-published books worth reading 2014/2015′

Limerence featured book in the ‘Guardian newspaper for best Indie novel 2013’ and is currently a finalist for the eFestival of Words ‘best novel’ category.

Odium II The Dead Saga is a #1 Best Selling British Horror book.

She is also a very proud contributor to the ‘Let’s Scare Cancer to Death’ charity anthology.

About Madeline Sheehan

Madeline Sheehan, a Social Distortion enthusiast and devoted fan of Zombies, has been writing books since she was seven years old. She is the author of The Holy Trinity Trilogy and USA Today Best Selling Undeniable Series. Homegrown in Buffalo, New York, Madeline resides there with her husband and son.


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