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Casey’s  2 cents…..

“I Think Therefore I Blog”

Ever hear the saying……..”Those who cannot write, Blog”?

While that statement seems to be humorous to some, there is also so much truth behind it as well. The Indie world is filled with newly found authors, trying to claw their way to the top by having “just that one” lucky break. I have read tons of books, by tons of Indie authors, that in my opinion are very worthy of publishing- yet, there they sit on a shelf – dusty, long forgotten when along comes the next release, from the next author. Who knows what that special something is that gets “that one book” recognized. I just know that writers strive each and everyday to figure it out. HOWEVER,  Let’s face it people, some of us can not write to save our lives- ENTER THE BLOGGER!!!

Hello- My Name is Casey and I CAN NOT WRITE (Everyone- “Hi Casey”) ….. I tried once,  I was so stressed out. I had no “story in my head” there were no characters “screaming at me to get out”, it was a train wreck. I think I wrote one paragraph and then thought to myself- I would much, much rather be reading.

I remember one time being at a book signing, I had just walked away from a table where I had left one of our blog cards and I heard one of the authors telling her assistant “hurry up and pull that up on Facebook and tell me how many followers they have” to which the assistant replied (after typing furiously on her phone) “OH…they are one of the bigger legit ones”……… ::::::SNORT:::::::: (I get it- I TOTALLY get it, really I do.) I mean why waste YOUR hard earned money giving away books if there won’t be a return on your investment right??? You want the blog with the most followers so that you get a bigger audience for your buck. For those of you who don’t realize it, just like in the Indie author community- where everyone is eager to help each other yet at the same time struggling to be the one with the book that BOOMS, WE in the blogger community strive to be the biggest, and the best- FOR YOU.

We do it for ZERO return, we do it out of our love for the written word, we do it because we are in awe of an author’s ability to write, and we do it because it makes us feel as if we are part of something special. The only thing we hope to get out of it, is a thank you. Remember authors- you are stars in our eyes.

We admire you because you give to us those words that we cannot give ourselves.

SO, remember to hug a blogger- because while we may not be NYT or USA Today- you are not Nora Roberts and we are here to help; but please remain careful not to cross the line of taking advantage. Do not make promises you can not or will not fulfill just because you need something that we very likely came through on and then feel we were not important enough for you to follow through with. We are people too…


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