May 5, 2015 | by Three Girls And A Book Obsession | The Friend Zone

by Kristen Callihan on May 5th, 2015

Genres: New Adult, Romance



Gray doesn’t make friends with women. He has sex with them. Until Ivy.

The last thing star tight-end Gray Grayson wants to do is drive his agent’s daughter’s bubblegum pink car. But he needs the wheels and she’s studying abroad. Something he explains when she sends him an irate text to let him know exactly how much pain she’ll put him in if he crashes her beloved ride. Before he knows it, Ivy Mackenzie has become his best texting bud. But then Ivy comes home and everything goes haywire. Because the only thing Gray can think of is being with Ivy.

Ivy doesn’t have sex with friends. Especially not with a certain football player. No matter how hot he makes her…

Gray drives Ivy crazy. He’s irreverent, sex on a stick, and completely off limits. Because, Ivy has one golden rule: never get involved with one of her father’s clients. A rule that’s proving harder to keep now that Gray is doing his best to seduce her. Her best friend is fast becoming the most irresistible guy she’s ever met.

Which means Gray is going to have to use all his skills to get himself out of the friend zone and into Ivy’s heart. Game on

It seems like we both have been on a college romance reading streak as of late. You would think we’d  be sick of this genre by now, but so many of them have been so well-written and The Friend Zone can be added to this list. This is the second book in the Game On series and while you don’t necessarily have to read the first book, The Hook Up, we highly recommend that you do– Drew Baylor is the ideal book boyfriend and is NOT to be missed!

I (Stacia) wasn’t sure about the texting relationship between Gray and Ivy at first, but it ended up being funny and a cute change of pace. I (Alexis) was okay with it, I think that it showed the playfulness that these two had from the get go. But in the next breathe, we both felt like like their friendship developed in warp speed and they became entirely too dependent on each other way too quickly.  It was almost too intense and serious for a college-aged romance.

“I’m so lost in you, I don’t ever want to find my way back.”

Gray has a reputation as the ultimate ladies man, which isn’t far from the truth. That is what makes his relationship with Ivy so different and new to him. Ivy has always avoided any man involved with sports, as she grew up around the lifestyle that comes with a pro-baller and it isn’t one she sees herself living. But somehow Gray changes all this for her and he slowly becomes someone she can rely on and can’t seem to live without.

” The thought of you not being in my life tears me up. I… You are the happiness I never realized I needed.”

We loved seeing these characters grow throughout the book. This is a great friends to lovers story and once again Kristen Callihan blew me away with not only the witty, sarcasm, but I (Stacia) also loved the 80’s movie and television references. Let me not forget to mention the sexy scenes between Gray and Ivy.  The ‘fantasy’ scene alone was beyond Skokie!

“You are the happiness I never realized I needed.”

It took me (Alexis) a bit to warm up to this story. I felt like the back and forth between the characters was a bit much and was really hoping for them to get their stuff together and realize they were supposed to together sooner than they actually did.  I will say that there is a part in the book that had me a bit irritated but I like where the author ended up taking the storyline.  Also, I am a sucker for epilogues and I was happy with this one.

“I’ll fight for every inch of you. I love every inch of you.”

We really enjoyed this book and look forward to the next on in the series. Stacia is hoping for it to be about about Dex and Fi. But Alexis is secretly hoping for Rolando’s story.

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