July 28, 2016 | by Three Girls And A Book Obsession | Only Fools Jump

by K.P. Haigh on July 28th, 2016

Genres: New Adult, Romance



Only fools jump…and Zoey Porter is no fool. At least not anymore. One tiny mistake when she was eighteen led to two very real consequences—the kind that keep you up all night and demand breakfast in the morning.

The only thing Zoey has time for these days is dry shampoo, energy bars, and that magical photo filter that erases the circles under her eyes.

So when Elliott MacCallister knocks on the door like a #nofilternecessary god, Zoey knows she’s in serious trouble.

With Elliott as the newly-minted resident of her boss’s pool house, keeping her distance is easier said than done.

Time to stock up on wine, cookies, and a portable fan. This summer just got complicated.

Only Fools Jump is like cotton candy for your soul—light and sweet. It’s a full length, standalone romantic comedy. It’ll be impossible to stop smiling after you devour this perfect summer read.

Recommended for 18+ due to language and some sexual content.

One of our favorite things about blogging is finding new authors! So imagine our excitement when we got an ARC of Only Fools Jump by K.P. Haigh.  Not going to lie, the synopsis totally grabbed our attention!

Zoey is slowly but surely finishing up school so she can stop being a nanny to an adorable kid named Stewart and become a full-time graphic designer.  Stewart’s mom (Samantha) is a tame version of Anna Wintour but pays very well and it’s pretty much the best gig. The thing is, she’s keeping her personal life…her twin daughters, a secret.  When Samantha’s younger brother comes home to start a new chapter in his life, sparks fly on both sides.

“Damn, his smile should come with a warning label- caution: may cause complete and utter brain failure.”

Zoey and Elliott immediately have an attraction towards each other but are both a bit hesitant, mainly because of her job. Plus, Zoey has her daughters to think of-which is most important.

“I want her to think about us and what we could be, because I think it could be pretty fucking spectacular.”

We really enjoyed this story. Zoey was a super-fun heroine and we loved being in her head. She was an amazing mom just trying to make her daughters’ lives better. She was also a fabulous nanny, her interactions with Stewart were smile-worthy. Elliott, was definitely the total package. Total swoon-worthy and who knows how to cook, sign us up please! He also was mature enough to give Zoey the space she needed when figuring out what they were going to do/be.

Though this was a super-cute, amazingly well-written novel, we felt there was just a bit missing. There was a part of the book that we both felt deserved some sort of resolution and hopefully we will get more of Zoey and Elliott maybe in other books. Furthermore, we can’t wait to see what K.P. Haigh has in store next!