April 14, 2014 | by Leary | Bo & Ember

by Andrea Randall
Series: November Blue #4

And they lived happily ever after …

That’s where the typical romance ends. For Bo and Ember Cavanaugh, however, the “I do’s” are just the beginning.

On the heels of a wildly successful tour with The Six, Bo and Ember are offered the musical opportunity of a lifetime. A cross-country move back to the Cavanaugh estate holds promises, old friends, and feelings they thought were long since buried.

In the middle of the whirlwind that is their professional life, Bo and Ember try to establish a solid and loving home. Life, though, doesn’t stay in the promises of “happily ever after.”

In the final installment of the November Blue series, excitement, temptation, loss, and the struggle over what love means forces the couple to strip it all away and focus on what it means to be soul mates, what it means to be married, and what it means to be …

Bo & Ember.

It’s a sad day when it’s time to say goodbye to some of your favorite characters. I always dread yet can’t wait for the last book in a series. I fell in love with Ember & Bo from the beginning and my feelings for them kept growing throughout each book. There were certainly times that I hated both of them but if they weren’t put through those trials and tribulations then they wouldn’t grow as people. Bo & Ember was a great end to a fantastic series.

I absolutely loved getting to spend more time with all of the characters that we have come to care about throughout the series. We get to experience greats highs and lows throughout this book, as is expected with any of Andrea’s books. What I enjoyed the most about the final book was we go to feel and see right in front of our faces the massive character development in both of them from book one to the final installment. They both had such an immaturity and quick bad decision making but they grew throughout this series and were put to the test in their final chapter together.

Although I enjoyed their final story, I did find that this book was a bit too cheesy for me. I love hearing them confess their love for each other and telling each other how great they are but I honestly thought there was too much of that. I understood that your partner made need reassurance from time to time of your true feelings for them but it was just a wee bit overwhelming for me.

I did enjoy the final installment and absolutely loved the entire series. I can’t recommend this series enough, trust me..you will love Bo from the very start!

Series Order

Ten Days of Perfect • Reckless Abandon • Sweet Forty-Two

Marrying Ember • Bo & Ember


Bo and Regan leaned against the bar, casually talking as they sipped beer. I tugged Georgia’s arm.

“Come dance with me,” I said into her ear.

“I don’t dance,” she mused.

“You’re full of shit. I’ve seen you at our shows.”

Georgia could be counted on, at any show she attended, to get the crowd moving.

She grinned. “This is Sean Paul. You guys have a slightly different flavor.”

“Just come!” I laughed and she followed.

I caught Willow’s eye as she stepped to the front of the controls and took over the beats for the club. She grinned and started playing a mashup I knew she’d been working on in the studio. Rap and Reggae beats blared from the speakers.

Georgia and I worked our bodies to the beats, and I was jealous of the way her curves moved with each step she made. She exuded sensuality with a simple shift of her hips. Still, I used what I knew I had and let the music move me.

“Don’t turn around,” Georgia arched her eyebrow and looked over my shoulder, “but somebody’s liking the way you move.”

Thinking she was teasing me about Bo being behind me, I quickly whipped around. Biting my lip as sexily as possible, of course. I was nearly knocked backward by the shock that awaited me.

“Beckett?” My eyes bulged as I struggled to believe what I was looking at. Who.

“November Blue.” He grinned with the sly confidence he’d embodied since he was far too young to know what to do with it.

In the tick of a second I was tossed back to high school, and my first time.


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