October 14, 2013 | by Leary |

Welcome to the second edition of our weekly Manic Monday posts. As we said last week, Just Another Manic Monday is all about breaking up the monotony of the Monday blues and bringing your attention to something that we are extremely excited about. Our posts may be from just one of us or from all of us and could be about anything we are super excited about.

So, what is it that I’m super excited about on this Manic Monday!? Well, it’s not something…it’s someone and I’ve been super obsessed with this author ever since I discovered her series about aliens. ALIENS?! You think I’m crazy right?! I might be, you never know; but seriously..get past the whole alien aspect and you get hilarious characters that have the strongest bond as a family and a really great love connection between an alien and….you guessed it…A HUMAN..gasp!!

What author am I talking about?! The one, the only…

She also writes under the pen J. Lynn…you may remember her fantabulous book Wait for You.

Yes, I originally fell in love with her after beginning the Lux series (Aliens) and fell even more in love reading her contemporary/adult romance novels such as Wait for You, Frigid, and the Gamble Brother’s series…you remember Tempting the Best Man right?! If you don’t, go pick it up! But guess what?! I fell absolutely head over heels in love with her after reading the Covenant series.

You thought I was weird before after becoming obsessed with aliens..now you’re really going to think I’m insane – I AM IN LOVE WITH DESCENDANTS OF GODS and half-bloods (half gods and half mortals). Do you get what I’m talking about?! No?!! Well seriously, go fall in love with Pures and Half-bloods by reading the Covenant series.

Did I mention that her posts on her website are hilarious!?!

So to sum up, I love Jennifer L. Armentrout and I want to have her babies.

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Check out her goodreads profile HERE!!