November 3, 2014 | by Stacia | Summer of Seventeen

by Jane Harvey-Berrick on September 22, 2014

Genres: Romance, Young Adult



It was supposed to be the endless summer of sand, sea, and surf.

Supposed to be.

But Nick Andrews life is crashing out of control. His girlfriend and his best friend have declared war, his sister’s constant interference in his life is driving him insane, and there are money problems that won’t go away.

Being seventeen isn’t supposed to be this hard.

When cool surfer Marcus arrives in town, Nick sees that there are easier ways to live. But with his life falling to pieces around him, it’s hard to know who to trust.

As the scorching heat of summer grows, events begin to unravel, reaching a shattering conclusion—and a summer he’ll never forget.

After reading Jane Harvey-Berrick’s “Education of” series, she quickly became one of my favorite authors. She knows how to write about topics that are often hard to address and she does it in just a seamless way! So, of course I was excited to read Summer of Seventeen, anticipating all kinds of possible directions she could take this story.

Living with an older sister, struggling to find a job, dealing with the recent death of your mom, trying to find time to spend with your girlfriend, and now coming to terms with a stranger renting out your mom’s old room, is a lot for anyone to deal with, much less a teenager. Seventeen year-old Nick is the narrator for this story and it is told completely in his point of view (POV). Nick is a typical teenage boy in most ways; he loves hanging out with his friends, loves to skateboard and surf, he fights with his sister (who is the only parental figure in his life), and he wants to spend all his time making out with his girlfriend Yansi- but her parents are extremely strict.

“It was supposed to be the endless summer of sand, sea, and surf.”

As the summer progresses, we get to see the growth of Nick’s character. He still makes some pretty stupid mistakes, but he also starts to shape himself into a mature young man. This is more of a coming of age story, then a romance and it is definitely not your typical Jane Harvey-Berrick book. It wasn’t one of my favorites of hers by far, but the writing was flawless and the story flowed pretty well. I did feel that it was slow in some parts and overall,  I just wanted more from this book.

“I never used to notice stuff before. Now I noticed everything, even when it made no sense.”