March 28, 2014 | by Leary | Legal Affairs

by Sawyer Bennett
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Series: Legal Affairs
Genres: Erotica, Love & Romance, New Adult, Romance

One year ago, I graduated from law school and embarked on a career as a purveyor of high priced legal shenanigans. Six months ago, my boyfriend dumped me when I thought he might be proposing. Two weeks ago, I got drunk and joined a secret sex club. Two days ago, I had a torrid one-night stand with a stranger. Today? Well, today I’m contemplating having an affair with my boss. Matt Connover is all kinds of forbidden temptation wrapped up in a deliciously wicked package, and he’s made it clear… he’s only interested in sex. My name is McKayla Dawson but everyone calls me Mac. I work at the powerhouse firm of Connover & Crown, LLP, where the law has never felt so hot. But between you and me, I’m afraid my heart won’t survive these Legal Affairs.

Legal Affairs is a serial romance with a whole lot of hot and a little bit of funny.

I’m usually not a huge fan of starting a serial before all the books are out. If you’re not familiar with serials it’s basically taking one book (of normal length) and breaking it up into installments. There are 6 installments in the Legal Affairs serial by Sawyer Bennett and I chose to start reading them when 5 of the 6 were out. Totally out of the ordinary for me, I always get hooked and then I’m super upset if all of them aren’t out yet but after reading the description of the first book I just couldn’t help myself!!

I started the first one with high expectations because honestly, the description was totally hooked me. Secret sex club? Yes, please. Torrid one-night stand with a stranger? HOT!! Gimme!! Contemplating having an affair with your boss? Forbidden, one-click IMMEDIATELY!

The pros? That’s easy… I’ll get a minimum of three orgasms, and if I only get the minimum, that means Matt’s having an off night.

Matt and Mac have OFF the charts hot sexy chemistry. Not only are they extremely compatible in the bedroom but they both have a huge passion for the law and push each other in their careers. As I flew through (seriously, it was a one-click addiction…I read the serial in a day and a half) the installments we learn so much more about Matt and Mac. Matt is a massive asshole but I couldn’t help loving him.

“I think with my dick, MacKayla… not with my heart.”

Mac worked hard to break through his tough shell; she knew there was so much more to him. There were some definite curveballs throughout the installments but I kept fighting for them and waiting for that moment that I could throw my arms in the air and yell “YESSSSSSSSSSSS”!! The 6th and final book in the installment was just…sigh, a perfect ending!!

Usually with serials I find that I don’t have as strong of a connection with the characters and that the installments don’t have that much depth but I was pleasantly surprised with each installment in Legal Affairs and I have to say, each book definitely met my high expectations!! I was surprised with the depth of the characters and the emotions I was able to feel.

I highly recommend the Legal Affairs series, the characters are super hot and the story line is fantastic. There is so much more to the story then just sex. You don’t want to miss out!

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