February 1, 2015 | by Alexis | He Saved Me

by Whitney Barbetti
(Website, Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads)on December 18, 2014

Genres: Love & Romance

Julian I’ve come to understand that I’ll always find her. She’s my north star, my sense of direction. In her, I’ve found my home. She tells me I saved her. But the truth is, she saved me. But nothing good can ever last. Andra’s keeping secrets. She’s holding something back. I’m trying, desperately, to anchor her. To let me in, to let me help. But will all my efforts end up with a ghost of a girl I love? Andra I’m used to disappearing. Vanishing into thin air, without a trace of who I’ve been or where I’ve gone. But it’s so much harder to do with a broken heart and no hope for a happy ending. Sometimes the only people who can put all the pieces of us back together are the ones we least expect to. That’s what Julian did for me. Julian found me. But now, all Six wants is to keep me locked up, away from the world, away from the Monster. I can’t live like that. It’s not living at all. Because I still have unfinished business.

And I’m going to make sure the Monster gets what’s coming to him.

He Saved Me is the follow up to He Found Me. Yes, you must read He Found Me first.

I am a bit irked with myself that I waited this long to read the book. Within the first few pages I was completely sucked in…AGAIN!  Whitney has a serious knack for writing killer prologues!  This book is the conclusion to Andra and Julian’s story. It also ends the misery that Andra has been living in for many years.  Also, the reader is treated to the awesomeness that is Mira and Six.

After the conclusion in the first book, Julian uses Mira to track down Six and Andra. Once they are reunited, Mira starts to train Andra in the event that she needs to protect herself.  At this time, Six is trying his hardest to keep Andra safe while bringing down Hawthorne.  Though Julian and Andra are together, their relationship took a bit of a backseat and Andra’s backstory was more the driving force of the book.

I am a huge romance reader so when a book isn’t focused on a love story I don’t usually enjoy it as much. But in this case, I actually enjoyed the story more. I enjoyed all the intrigue and suspense in this book.  Oh…and there is a fantastic twist added. Just sayin…..

I’m glad that Whitney gave us the HEA for Andra and Julian right off the bat and didn’t add any unnecessary drama to their relationship.  They were happy and content from the getgo and didn’t need to have anything thrown at them to tear them down or discredit the love they shared for each other. They were  absolutely perfect for each other in the first book and He Saved Me just solidified it for me.  They were each other’s North Star and anchor.

I also seriously, seriously, seriously enjoyed Six and Mira. I  already PM’d Whitney this morning to express that I want their story. Now. The reader is treated to a totally different side of them and will everyone wanting more.

I have always enjoyed Whitney’s writing but I swear she kicked it up a notch with He Saved Me.  Her writing is seamless, poetic, engaging, and leaves you completely fulfilled.  Whitney has been a one-click author for me from the start and I cannot wait for her next book!!!

He Found Me (Book 1)