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by Laura Dunaway
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Genres: Fiction, Love & Romance, Romance

Aly Chase has worked for Paul Pierce for years, loving him from afar. He is handsome, rich, and the powerful CEO of Pierce Homes. Just when Aly has decided her love for him is futile and vows to move on, Paul begins to give Aly the attention she had always desired, forcing her to feel confused by his actions. Then there’s Aly’s best friend, Ethan Baker. He’s sweet, handsome and charming. He is also in love with her. He’s accepted that Aly and he will only be friends, until one day Aly realizes that her feelings towards Ethan are way more. Aly is caught in between the man she’s loved for so long and the man that has always been there for her. As her feelings are pulled and tugged in both directions, she must make a choice before her distorted life loses both of them.

Who will end up winning Aly’s heart?

Aly Chase has been in love with her boss Paul Pierce for almost three years, but he has never seemed to share the same feelings and he has a very demanding girlfriend that keeps him plenty occupied. But suddenly Paul sees Aly in a different light and starts showering her with attention and affection. Then there is Aly’s best friend Ethan Baker; who has been in love with her since college, but has been afraid to ruin their friendship by pursing anything with her. Ethan is the loving, supportive guy that everyone always looks for. Ethan is patiently waiting for Aly to see him as more than a friend and for their chance to be together. Of course, the way that any good love triangle works, things all come to surface for Aly, Paul, and Ethan at the same time. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately for one of them) one of these guys screws up in a MAJOR douchey way that Aly just can’t get past, although she does try for awhile to get over it. This leaves the door open for one of these guys to get in Aly’s heart and win her over.

“What started out as something completely distorted ended up being something completely perfect.”

Frankly I don’t think Aly should have even attempted to get past this screw up that I mentioned above- there is just NO way that I could see past it and I think most women would agree with me. Thankfully she opens her eyes and picks the right guy in the end. My favorite part of the book was the last chapter and the epilogue, because of  how it all wrapped up in the end. I did feel like there was a lot of unnecessary storyline with the work that Paul and Aly did and all the details that were involved, most of that whole section could have been left out. I also felt like Aly was portrayed as a very weak character, by the things she let others do to her- when the beginning of the books description of her was as a strong, independent woman.  Distorted is a series, but this story ends and I believe the next book will be about secondary characters in the book.

After three long years of living in a hell she never could have imagined, Lucy Jane Simmons courageously escapes to New York City for a fresh start. A new beginning…  When Lucy meets Knox Taylor, the intoxicating man in the business suit, everything she thought she knew about relationships changes. He is strong, seductive and makes her feel safe. But can she open up enough to let him in? Will Lucy Jane escape the scars of her past? Can Knox give her the future she ultimately deserves? A story of rediscovery…

 Stacia Says…

Lucy Jane Simmons is a survivor; she has been in an abusive relationship for 3 years and doesn’t know how to get out. Drake is not only physically and mentally abusive, but he is also extremely controlling. Lucy endures, because she believes she doesn’t deserve any better. She finally gets the courage to leave him, gets a protective order and heads to New York to start a new life. Starting fresh, Lucy makes friends, gets a new job, and meets the intriguing businessman Knox Taylor. Of course she is attracted to him, but given her past she is afraid to trust him and agrees to become friends. The friendship turns into much more, but of course her ex-boyfriend Drake doesn’t give up that easily.

“You are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen, Lucy, and I’m humbled you opened up to me. I promise I will never betray you or your trust.”

Laura Dunaway did a great job with this book. As a reader I felt everything Lucy was going through and was scared right along with her and GAH… I literally cringed reading some of the abuse scenes and cheered when Lucy had the strength to leave Drake. Of course I loved Knox. He was not only Lucy’s savoir, but shows her how to trust and what love really feels like.

“You’re mine, angel. You’re the most important thing in my life….”

I do think that the story was rushed and the ending kind of came to a head quickly. Maybe that was due to the length of the book; with another 100 pages or a few more chapters, I think more character development could have been established and we could have gotten a closer glimpse into Lucy and Knox’s relationship.

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