February 19, 2014 | by Three Girls And A Book Obsession | The Story of Us

by Ellen Faith
(Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads)on January 31, 2014

Alexandra Jones has a pretty peachy life. A gorgeous, stinking rich fiancé, her sleazy boss is retiring which means an imminent promotion in a job she loves, and she gets her best friends Jimmy Choos when she dies, although she would prefer her best friend to stick around as long as possible. Obviously.

But when a blast from the past turns up on her doorstep just as her world turns upside down, she decides to take her best friend, Rosie, up on her offer of a 10 day break in San Francisco. Whilst Rosie works on a fashion shoot and Alexandra becomes well acquainted with the photographer’s brother, it becomes clear that this trip is one that will change their lives forever.

I finished The Story of Us by Ellen Faith and I must say it was quite a fun read!  We start out by meeting Alexandra Jones (Lexi) and her fiancé, Walker.  Walker comes from a wealthy family with snotty parents and you can tell right from the beginning that he is a complete jerk.  I mean, they have been engaged for 4 years and hadn’t set a wedding date; there is obviously a reason for that.  In walks Lexi’s childhood sweetheart that had taken off and left her to go to France when they were 17.  Luke’s return definitely throws a kink into things and brings back lots of memories for Lexi.  After not receiving the job promotion that she truly deserved, Lexi finally quits her job that is going no where fast and then truly stumbles upon what a true piece of crap her fiancé actually is.  She tries to turn to Luke, but she ends up meeting his very beautiful and blonde girlfriend!  Thankfully there to help Lexi pick up the pieces is her BFF Rosie.  I love Rosie!  She is the best friend that all girls should have!  They have been friends since they were young and Rosie has always been there for Lexi…totally a true friend!

They say timing is everything and it just so happens that Rosie is getting ready to go on a business trip to San Francisco and she convinces Lexi to come along.  With nothing to hold her back, Lexi decides to take the trip of a lifetime to the US to see what the States has to offer her.  Once the girls get to the US, the real fun begins.  Lexi meets Ryan, the brother of the photographer that is on the same shoot as Rosie.  Needless to say, they don’t hit it off right away, but they are forced to spend some more time together.  In the end, they both realize they are going through some similar circumstances and they begin to find some comfort in each other.  The only problem is will their past loves and problems come back to ruin the great chemistry that they end up finding in each other?!

I just thought this book was “smashing”!  That is my British accent coming out!  Since Lexi and Rosie are British, some of their British slang rubbed off on me!  The fact that they are British is one of the parts I loved about this book!  I love British humor and conversation and this book was full of it!  The Story of Us was super funny in parts too!  When these girls come to the US, they are determined to see and partake in some favorite American foods and fun and it is hilarious!  Ellen Faith’s writing is great and I was completely hooked on Lexi and Ryan and I couldn’t wait to see what would happen next!  For me, I was missing the smutty factor a little, but the great writing and humor did make up for it!  I think if you are looking for a nice fun and easy read, definitely give The Story of Us a try!