When You Are Mine by Kennedy Ryan: Review

When You Are Mine by Kennedy Ryan: ReviewWhen You are Mine by Kennedy Ryan
on June 17, 2014
Genres: Love & Romance, New Adult

Kerris Moreton knows how to make things work. Bounced from foster home to foster home as a kid, she adapted; when opportunity arose, she thrived. Now, about to open her own business and accept a marriage proposal, Kerris is ready to build the life she's always wanted. The only thing missing? A passionate connection with her would-be fiancé, Cam. Kerris wants to believe that sparks are overrated-until Walsh Bennett lights her up like the Fourth of July.

. . . but what about love?

As one of the East Coast's most eligible bachelors, Walsh enjoys financial independence, fulfilling work with his family's nonprofit, and plenty of female attention. But lately he's been distracted by the one woman he can't have. Lovely to look at and even sweeter to know, Kerris is the soul mate Walsh never thought he would find. The problem is, his best friend found her first . . .

Alexis says…

I need to warn all the readers that this story involves a love triangle. I know that some are against the, so I thought I’d let you know in advance. I, on the other hand LOVE these sorts of stories. I love the angst, the forbidden feelings, and the heart palpitations that come along with reading the story.

This story includes two best friends and the woman they both love.

Walsh is the ultimate of hot guys. He’s rich, All-American, works hard, and gives back by running the Walsh Foundation that helps orphaned children around the world.  His future is already planned out and his family is pushing for him to marry someone that he knows is not right for him.

Cam is Walsh’s best friend. Unfortunately he’s had a hard, hard life being a product of a drug-addicted mother and put in foster homes throughout his childhood. Thankfully, he met Walsh’s family who became his surrogate family. Before meeting Kerris, he definitely had his fare share of the ladies. He was never one to settle down. All bets were off once he met the woman he felt was his soulmate.

Kerris had it rough growing up. She was bounced around from foster home to foster home, awful things had happened to her in the past and she just seemed a bit numb to me. Her main mission seems to be getting her new store up and running as well as starting a family. She knows she doesn’t belong in Cam and Walsh’s inner circle. By day she cleans homes to help pay for her new store and runs into some of that icky inner circle while doing that job.

Walsh spies Kerris helping an elderly person and it peaks his curiosity for her. Minutes later she is introduced as his best friend’s girlfriend…cue the ice water. But the stolen moments that Kerris and Walsh get together makes the reader feel that these two are supposed to be together. I didn’t really feel her and Cam’s love. I think she was more with him because she thought it was the right relationship for her. You can tell Kerris feels more comfortable with Walsh. She opens up to Walsh and discusses her childhood, Cam. On paper, Cam and Kerris make sense for sure…but it’s their connection that’s lacking. Cam is so intent on having a family, someone to belong with that I think he isn’t focused on what is really going on.

Assumptions that are not clarified and tragedy bring the angst to a boiling point. To be honest, I felt the book hit it’s stride around the 50% mark and then it didn’t let go. I know that this is the first book in the series and I can’t wait to see where the author takes this series.   The story is told in Walsh’s and Kerris’ POVs and I think that helps show all sides of the story.

On a side note, I really enjoyed Walsh’s parent’s storyline…I actually had tears in my eyes at one point. I hope Kerris and the person I want her to be with (not telling, lol) learn from their mistakes in the next book which is out in October. The book did end in a bit of a cliffhanger, so you have been warned. After talking to the author I am so flipping excited to read the next one.

Lastly, Kennedy is giving away 25% of the proceeds of her book to Autism foundations which is just amazing.


About Kennedy Ryan

I just can’t write about myself in third person for one more bio! I’m a wife, a mom, a writer, an advocate for families living with autism. That’s me in a nutshell. Crack the nut, and you’ll find a Southern girl gone Southern California who loves pizza and Diet Coke, and wishes she got to watch a lot more television. You can usually catch me up too late, on social media too much, or FINALLY putting a dent in my ever-growing To Be Read list!