The Wingman Chronicles by James Holeva: Review


James Holeva, aka “The Wingman” is as classy as he is crass.  His life is a dirty ride of uncouth adventures involving weddings, proms, threesomes, soccer moms, models, strippers, balconies, bedrooms, backseats and bathroom stalls.  No details are spared in this humorous, erotic, autobiographical novel depicting all of his hedonistic debauchery.  Full of jaw-dropping  moments, gut-busting laughs and multiple orgasms, “The Wingman Chronicles” will make you laugh and orgasm at the same time.
Fast-paced, in your face, and offensive, this swaggering young player degrades with class while providing a message to the world, “Don’t let anyone stifle your adventure.”

Alexis says…

This book is definitely not my type of go-to book, but I’m gad I decided to leave my comfort zone.  James is a player, but not any kind of player, he’s a high-class player (his words)!  In order to be good in bed, he takes the old adage, “practice makes perfect” and beds half of the East Coast, or so it seems.  This book literally is a collection of his escapades of the sexing kind.  He calls himself a Wingman, but how can you be a Wingman when you get the more attractive girl while your friend sits on the couch with the girl’s friend while you’re getting 2 BJs for the cost of 1?
There were a few chapters that I can’t actually believe are true, yes I am talking about the funeral chapter!  But, then there were some chapters that I actually laughed so hard I had tears.  In the last chapter I actually felt bad for him, which is shocking considering I wanted to hate him for half of the book.  For me, James walks a very thin line between vile (he actually has pictures on his phone of what he’s packing) and hot (apparently he’s packing a “hard 8”).  In the end the “hard 8” wins and I am attracted to him in a way I can’t explain.
There were a couple of stories that I had to discuss with my husband as they were so outrageous, though I think he might be a bit jealous of all my “James talk”.
I have to admit, I love a man with a filthy mouth and the confidence of Napoleon.  If I was either single or we turned the clock back 11 years, I would totally be DTF with Mr. Holeva.
Here are a couple of my favorite quotes form Mr. Casanova himself:
“Yes, I may be a player, but I’m not ‘The Situation’, I’m Sinatra”
“I certainly didn’t want to cockblock my own cock.  He would never forgive me.”

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