The VIP Trilogy bundle by M. Robinson: Release Day Blitz and Joint Review

The VIP Trilogy bundle by M. Robinson: Release Day Blitz and Joint Reviewby M. Robinson
Genres: Contemporary, Erotica, Love & Romance


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Casey says…

I’m going to start out by saying this was definitely a “read at your own risk book”. VIP had a few things going on that I was hesitant on reading. However with that being said Robinson made it work.

The story starts out filling in the background on the lives of the two main characters Sebastian and Ysabelle. I loved knowing that their paths would eventually cross but not being able to see the exact direction the author was going. I had so many conflicting emotions, and I have to say that at times it was not easy to read. VIP includes infidelity and not one, but two love triangles involving the same man.

Sebastian Vanwell- Childhood best friend of Julia and Olivia, who grows up to become a happily married man as well as father. Sebastian had a fairly carefree and loved childhood with happy memories. He marries his “lifelong love”, the safe bet (Julia)- and lives a wonderful life until he stumbles upon Ysabelle who reminds him of the “one true love” (Olivia) he was unable to have.

“I’m a generational whore. I confessed with a smile.” 

Ysabelle Telle- grows up with the life you would expect and assume an escort would. Seemingly acceptable of her fate and who she has become, Ysabelle becomes a high paid escort to Madame (the owner of the elite service that caters to the wealthiest men and women in the world) and so embarks Sebastian and Ysabelle in a torried yet explosive love affair- that sends emotions running high and hearts scattered in the wind.

“The truth always finds its way of being revealed, that’s the beauty of lies they never stay hidden”

“He was never mine and I was never his; we lived in a delusional state of mind where we both thought it could work.”

I stopped short of giving this book 5 stars only because it was lengthy and at times felt the author was including filler that could have been left out. The editing could have used a little more work- I came across several typos and words misplaced. Overall it was sexy, emotional and not a typical romance story but one about the reality of love, and how sometimes our lives can take such an unexpected turn- we barely recognize ourselves. I was extremely intrigued by the Madame and can not wait to start her story.






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Stacia says…

Sometimes when I read an amazing mind-blowing book, my expectations for that author’s next book are a little unrealistic. I feel like not all authors have it in them to keep writing hit after hit and knocking my socks off; I mean how can they keep up with that type of stamina?!? Well I am officially eating these words…because M. Robinson blew me away with The Madam.

“Women rule this world and the only reason we let men believe they do is because they lead with their cocks. Our pussies hold the power.”

After reading the first book, VIP, I was extremely curious what type of an upbringing Madam had and who she really was. She seemed so calculating and evil. In reality she is a shrewd business woman who has been vetted to take over VIP, her legacy, basically since birth. She is jaded, cunning, manipulative, and does what needs to be done to keep this business running. However, there is so much more to The Madam, or her given name of Lilith Veronica Stone, then meets the eye.

“Manipulation is all about how you present yourself; it has everything to do with how you act. How you control yourself and your surroundings. That is the key to everything.”

The Madam follows Lilith (aka Madam) throughout the years, beginning from childhood to how and when she took over VIP. We not only get a glimpse into her, but we also get to see the men in her life. I loved this aspect of the book and had high hopes that she would find love and maybe get her happily ever after. But, then we all know this isn’t that kind of mushy, gushy book.

“Love is a figment of your imagination; it’s right up there with monogamy. It’s a platonic state of mind that you program yourself to be in. It’s an illusion.”

From the first book, I was curious to Madam’s obsession with Ysabelle and why she specifically chooses her as her next VIP. Reading this part of the story was very interesting and lead to some definite surprises and jaw dropping moments. I think the only thing that kept me from giving this book the RAVE review I gave VIP was the fact that it became a little repetitive in a few parts and chapters. I almost felt like I was reading the same book word for word, just in Madam’s point of view. I am absolutely dying to get my hands on MVP, the next and I believe final book in the series.

“I’ll give you something if you give me something in return. This is how I’ve lived my life. It has been my motto, my creed, my oath so to speak.”



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Joint Review:

Stacia says…

As a huge fan of the first two books in the VIP series and after the bombshell that was dropped at the end of the last book, I have been dying to get my hands on this book!
Warning- this is a series and needs to be read in order to make sense. Make sure you pick up VIP (book #1) and Madam (book #2) before you read this book.

“Love is a scary emotion. It makes you fucking weak and brings you to your knees.”

MVP picks up where the epilogue of the Madam left us… Ysa is heading back to her old life to help the Madam, even though it means walking out on her life with Sebastian.

“There wasn’t one place on my body that hadn’t been touched by a man or a woman, except my heart.”

The story is told alternating between Ysa, Sebastian, and even the Madam’s point of view (POV). We get to go back to the time Sebastian and Ysa had on the island together and learn how their relationship evolved and also the struggles they had. Some of this story was a little repetitive, perhaps because of the dual POV. It wasn’t that I wasn’t interested in their journey, I just would have been fine with a quicker recap and also, it kind of made me not really want them together- they just had so many issues and I was waiting for Sebastian to redeem himself.

“You are my everything. There is no me without you.”

Then we are back to present time with the Madam and Ysa back in Miami to help out. This portion of the story is when the rollercoaster really begins. The Madam intrigues me… She is so damn ruthless and cut throat, but she really does care about Ysa and her other VIP’s and has their best interest at heart. Thankfully I got the redemption I was looking for from Sebastian. I loved the last 10% and how it all came together and the epilogue was so good! Rumor has it that Brooke and Devon will be getting a book and so will Mika. I can’t wait for these ones- I just know that they will be super juicy!





Casey says…

In M. Robinson’s MVP we get the closure to this trilogy that I guarantee no one saw coming.

In VIP we met Ysabelle, Sebastian and of course The Madame- I was left intrigued and wanting to find out more about the Madame which came in the second book of the series “The Madame”- absolutely not disappointed and sucking dry everything that this series dished out- I was super excited to read MVP and get the final details on the lives of these sexy characters.

Told by multiple characters in the first person POV, MVP gave an inside look at the struggles Ysabelle and Sebastian would have to overcome to have a life together.  But something was just not the same for me, while I still enjoyed reading about characters that I had grown to love- I felt as if their personalities had changed.  The majority of the story seemed a bit repetitive in the sense that it was told over and over in different POVs but on the same subject.

Coming on the heels of VIP and The Madame- I was holding MVP to the highest expectations and while I did not come away feeling everything I did with the first two books- it was still a great story in its own right. To see the inside depth and have closure on the lives of these fantastic characters- made this a very interesting read. One thing is for sure….Robinson knows how to write with steam!


About M. Robinson

M. Robinson loves to read. She favors anything that has angst, romance, triangles, cheating, love, and of course sex! She has been reading since the Babysitters Club and R.L. Stein.
She was born in New Jersey but was raised in Tampa Fl. She is currently pursuing her Ph.D in psychology, with two years left.
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