The Stone Series by Kitty Berry: Reviews, Giveaway, & Excerpt

Sliding In the first book of The Stone Series, Sliding, Brooklynn Adams is all grown up, married to her adolescent crush, Tate Taylor and living the high life. Tate is a wealthy and powerful music executive in New York City and Brook is a famous choreographer who works alongside Tate and his best friend at their entertainment company, Taylor Studios Inc. To the outside world Tate and Brook have it all, love, money, friendship, and power but looks can be deceiving. After Brook’s miscarriage that he blames himself for Tate flees to the West Coast with his best friend and business partner, Bobby, under the disguise of business. On the fateful morning Brook is scheduled to fly to meet her estranged husband of six months she finds herself looking into her mirror. She is faced with a decision, should she answer her phone and miss her flight to California or run like hell and head to Tate? Brook must decide the path her life is going to take and the focal point of the novel explores her options while she walks through each “door” to see where it will lead her. It’s the parallel tracking of two possible destinies, essentially the what-if scenario. Little moments in time when we question which decision is right and which is wrong, both can change your life forever, leading you down different avenues, times like these that are impossible to go back and change. We watch as Brook enters into the center of two significantly different trajectories.

Guest Reviewer Tina says…

Choices…we make them everyday.  Do you sit and wonder what could have happened if you would have chosen differently?  What would you do if you could see how your life would have played out, if you would have chosen a different path?  Brooklynn Adams had the opportunity to find out!  Brooklynn and Tate Taylor were high school sweethearts and so very much in love. They shared a love of music and athletics…soul mates.  A devastating miscarriage causes strain on their marriage causing Tate to escape to California.  Brooklynn is ready to go to California to try and save her marriage.  As she is leaving, a ringing phone makes her think twice.  Should she stay and answer the phone or hurry to the airport so she doesn’t miss her flight to rekindle her relationship with her one true love?
Sounds like an interesting idea…right?  I thought so too!!!!  This book was definitely a book that I could relate to on a personal level having married my high school sweetheart!  Tate Taylor was the typical All American high school football and basketball star.  He was good looking and attracted the attention of all the high school girls.  Brook was a perky little cheerleader and turned the heads of all the boys at school!!!!  Didn’t everyone want to have that kind of relationship when they were in high school?
“I love him in a way I can’t articulate.  I want to be swallowed up by him, I want him to wrap himself around me and make us one.”
They made it through all the crazy teenage years and college and stayed together!!!  Things were going to perfectly for this couple and I was in need of some angst…well, boy did I get it.  This is where the second part of the story comes into play!  Now, as a much as I would like to fill you in on all the details, you will just have to give the book a read yourself!!!
If you are looking for a steamy read…you will find it in Sliding.  If you are looking for music references including cheesy 80’s songs…you will find them in Sliding.  If you are looking for an interesting plot twist…you will find it in Sliding!!!
I give it 4 ‘bookies because it brought me back to my teenage years and made me want to break out my old cassette tapes. It is part of a series, but is not a cliffhanger!!
StonedIf you want to watch as Brook and Tate’s relationship continues look for the second novel in The Stone Series. In Stoned we will meet the charming Damian Stone, the quintessentially intense urban male, sexual Dominant and Tate’s younger cousin. He is wealthy, powerful, successful and painfully gorgeous; Damian dominates over everyone and everything both in his work and in his pleasures. Each semester for the past seven years he’s trained a young college girl to submit to his every sexual desire at the sex club he owns. Damian can have any woman he wants and for seven years that is what he has had. But the sexy, confident, and commanding Dominant is growing tired of the same old game. Shortly after telling his best friend that he is done with the life of submissives, Sydney Cooper falls at his feet. She is a strong, young interior designer despite her traumatic sexual past but Damian immediately senses her submissive tendencies. After meeting Sydney, Damian realizes that he only thought he had everything he wanted; now that he’s met Sydney he realizes that what he wants, what he needs is her. Damian seduces Sydney into a life of BDSM and finds himself falling in love for the first time. However, Sydney’s past is not all that stands in the way of their happiness, Damian’s past connects them in a way that may destroy them forever.

Guest Reviewer Tina says…

What happens when a young and scarred budding interior designer literally falls at the feet of a hot and rich dominant? Well, if you read Stoned by Kitty Berry, you will absolutely find out! Stoned is the follow up novel to Kitty’s first book, Sliding. In Sliding, we briefly met Damian Stone, younger cousin to Tate Taylor. We learn a whole lot more about him in Stoned. Putting him together with Miss Sydney Cooper equals hot steamy goodness.
The first part of the equation is Damian Stone. Damian is the perfect alpha male- he is sexy as hell, he is a multi-billionaire and he is controlling as possible with everyone. Not feeling much love from his parents during childhood and then the tragic events of September 11th, Damian is introduced to the world of BDSM by his female professor. In that world, Damian is able to use his naturally controlling nature to his advantage.
“You know I don’t do waiting very well”
The second part of the equation is Sydney Copper. We meet Sydney as she is almost ready to graduate college. She has already secured a job as an interior designer and is ready to begin her new adult life, leaving her scars from her past behind. She is beautiful, yet so humble.
“She carries herself in a manner that screams insecurity and begs for the right man to bring her the comfort she craves.”
The attraction that they have for each other is off the charts; can you say sexual tension at it’s finest?! Damian and his dominant personality seem to be just what Sydney needs in order to get past the awful teenage years that she has kept hidden from everyone. But is hot sexual tension that turns into true love enough to survive all the obstacles in their path to true happiness? Will Damian’s extremely promiscuous past be too much for Sydney to handle?
The first word that comes to mind when I think of this book is SEXY. This book explores the passionate and extremely sexual relationship between two people, with some twists and turns along the way. As a warning, some people may find the book contains too much smutty goodness, so be forewarned. My only other thoughts would be that the book is  a little longer than I would have liked and I was a little bummed that there was not an epilogue.
Siblings In the third novel of The Stone Series, Tate Taylor will discover new talent in a young Sebastian Morrison and his band, Dominate. Sebastian is a musician who gets more than he bargained for when he sends a demo to the famous Tate Taylor at Taylor Studios Inc. After listening to the demo Tate flies to Sin City with his cousin, Damian in tow to see Sebastian perform with his band. When Sebastian takes the stage the resemblance is uncanny, Sebastian’s talent is obviously not the only thing he and Tate have in common, Sebastian is the brother Damian never knew he had. As Damian watches him perform he suspects he and Sebastian share more than just blood. After signing a contract with Taylor Studios Inc., Sebastian and his band head to New York City with Tate and Damian. While in New York and struggling to write his own material, Sebastian finds a muse in Skyler, a beautiful model at Hot Stones, Damian’s agency. Skyler’s inspiration helps Sebastian launch his career but that’s not all he wants or needs from her.

Guest Reviewer Tina says…

I just finished reading the third installment in The Stone series from Kitty Berry.  In Siblings, we meet another member of the Stone family.  Sebastian Morrison and his band Dominate receive the opportunity of a lifetime while performing in a little dive bar off the Vegas strip.  They are offered a recording contract and they are slated to perform at the opening of a new BDSM club in Vegas.  In addition to finally being able to pursue his musical career, Sebastian finds out that he has a sibling that he never knew existed…and not just any sibling, but a super rich and very dominant, Damian Stone.
The band heads to New York to prepare for their performance at the new club, when Sebastian meets the woman of his dreams, Skyler, who becomes the muse that Sebastian needed in order to keep his music writing juices flowing.
“Be done running around.  A million adventures not yet begun.  I want them with you…my muse.”
As Sebastian is already showing signs of dominance (possibly a family trait), he decides to learn more about the BDSM lifestyle.  Purely by coincidence, Skyler feels that she needs to learn the life of a submissive in order to finally have some sexual fulfillment.  All seems to be going well for Sebastian and Sykler, as well as the rest of the Stone family, until the plot takes some crazy turns.  I can’t say too much or I will ruin the story for everyone!
So, what did I think of Siblings?  First of all, I loved the inclusion of the characters from the past 2 stories.  I love when authors mix past characters into an ongoing storyline.  It can almost feel like a never-ending epilogue!  Next, I loved the continuation of the BDSM theme.  I think BDSM is fascinating and I really enjoy reading any books that delve into that lifestyle.  And last but not least, the smuttiness level is off the charts!!!  If you like more romance and less sex, this is definitely not the book for you!!!!  This book is part of the continuing Stone series and we now await book 4, Second Chances.

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I reside in the suburbs of Fairfield County, Connecticut with my husband and three sons. I am the only woman in a house of men! During any given evening you can find me curled up in bed reading while in the next room my men scream at a sporting event on the TV. I am an only child who never wished for a sibling and I openly admit to being a spoiled brat. To this day the word “no” does not go over well with me. I am the daughter of an avid reader, the “real” Kitty Berry. I decided to write under the pen name, Kitty Berry in honor of my late mother who passed away in 1998 from breast cancer. It was my late mother’s desire of becoming a writer that prompted me to create the characters that I place in worlds of wealth, power, seduction, dominance and submission. My love for reading and discussing literature didn’t come to me until my late twenties. Angst-ridden romances, from the moment a man meets a woman and they fall into an unstoppable infatuation with each other, always mesmerized me and fast-paced entertaining mysteries as well as witty “chick lit” contributed to my desire to not only be a reader but also a writer. I recently found myself at a time in life when the busy balance of career and family made me crave an escape into the world of romance, but this time with an erotic twist. Multidimensional characters such as powerful dominant males who seek a woman who is submissive in their bed but who offers them a challenge in their life, spurred on my creative spark to write about seduction. I love dark chocolate, music inspires my writing and the theater is a place I wish I could go to each and every night. I plan on enjoying all of those things with my husband and friends as soon as I’m done driving carpools, attending youth basketball games and coordinating the social life of my three adolescent children who have way better social lives than I do.



We come to this secluded area of beach where I notice a large kind of hut with fire torches and fairy lights. Tate leads me to the hut and inside there are two massage tables, one for each of us side by side touching each other. There is also a king sized bed just beyond the tables and on each side of the room there are bamboo screens. As we step inside two women dressed all in white step in behind us and zip the front panel of the hut closed. They instruct us to each go behind a screen and remove our clothes, telling us there are robes waiting behind the screens. We do as we are told and meet back each on a table. We slide under the covers and remove our robes so we’re lying naked with a sheet over us.
Tate smirks and quietly asks me, “Is this all right? The girls? There is no way I can relax with some dude rubbing me or worse…you.”
“Yes, it’s fine” I respond.
“I asked for a hot stone massage for you, I know it’s your favorite but if you want something different they can do anything you like” Tate informs me.
“No, I’m good with the hot stones, it is my favorite. This is amazing Tate, really you can be so romantic when you want to be” I say.
As my gaze is drawn upwards I notice that instead of a ceiling of material I am treated to a ceiling of stars as the hut is open to the California night sky. The masseuse begins to spread oil on my body and I hear the first cords of “I Won’t Give Up” by Jason Mraz begin to play. Tate reaches out and finds my hand. I feel the hot rocks as they are slid under my back one at a time. Tate squeezes my hand again on the last words of the song and I hear him sigh. I’m not sure if it’s caused by his masseuse or the words from the song he chose to play for me. There is no doubt that Tate has made yet another playlist to speak his words for him.
I drift off for a bit while the front of my legs, arms and chest are being massaged and when the masseuse starts on my face and head I rouse a little and hear Nelly Furtado’s “Try” playing. I wonder if Tate really means that he’s ready to try, ready to try to give me the one thing that has been missing in our lives. I glance over at him to find him looking at me with tears in his eyes and I know it’s true; when I hear “You’ll be Blessed” by Elton John.
I climb off the table not caring in the least that I am naked in front of two strange women; I lay on top of my husband and plant kisses all over his face. He wraps his arms around me, and kisses me gently on the lips.
“We need to talk about a lot of things first Brook…starting tomorrow. I think we need counseling but I want to try. I’m going to need a little time to process all of this but I promise we’ll make this work… you and I. I love you, Brooklynn Taylor” Tate chokes out through tears that are forming and threatening to fall from his eyes.
The Masseuses aren’t sure if they should stay or leave at this point and they keep alternating between looking at Tate and looking at the ground, they are very careful to avert their eyes from my naked body that is still lying atop my husband’s. I decide to climb back onto my table to finish my massage. I lay on my stomach and I hold Tate’s hand while my back, neck, head and feet are rubbed with hot rocks and oil. They are smooth as silk and the more I think about it this experience is actually very erotic. I’m being rubbed by another woman in front of Tate while yet another woman rubs him. All of a sudden I decide I don’t really like the idea of him getting any kind of pleasure from another woman rubbing him. When I turn to look at him he’s staring at me. He smiles, knowing exactly what I’m thinking about and he mouths, “Only you baby… forever.” It’s enough to get me through to the end of our massages and I have to admit I am a bit aroused.
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