The Space Between by Michelle L. Teichman: Review

The Space Between by Michelle L. Teichman: ReviewThe Space Between by Michelle L. Teichman
on March 16th, 2016
Genres: Romance, Young Adult
Pages: 277

Everything’s great for Harper Isabelle, the most popular girl in grade nine. That is, until she meets Sarah Jamieson. Sarah is a reclusive artist, a loner who wears black makeup and doesn’t have any friends, but for some reason, Harper can’t stop thinking about her.
Sarah isn’t used to people looking her way, especially popular girls like Harper Isabelle. Scared, religious, and unsure of herself, when Sarah begins to realize that her feelings for Harper might go beyond friendship, she is afraid to take the plunge and tell Harper how she feels.
Emotions build between these young women until they both reach their breaking points, and they need to make a choice about coming to terms with who they really are, and what they can and cannot live without.

Stacia says…

Okay.. real talk, I was drawn to this book initially because of the cover. I know that’s horrible and you aren’t suppose to “judge a book by its cover” but I just thought it was beautiful and so different. Then I read the description and I was super excited to read it. Yes it’s YA (young adult) but I am actually a reader who loves most any genre and sometimes I NEED a good YA book to “cleanse my palate” after too many sexy adult reads.

“…appearances can be deceiving, and people aren’t always what we assume them to be.”

The Space Between is about the journey through ‘high school’- popularity, being accepted, and then the most important thing when you are that age, being different. In this case, being different includes sticking up for the “unpopular kids” and exploring your sexuality even if that attraction leads you to the same sex.

“Popularity was a kill or be killed sport, and for the first time she was tired of the game.”

Harper is nervous, like most teenagers, for her first day of school. Thankfully she has her older, popular sister Bronte to help her (I gotta say I LOVE the names in this book) adjust and tell her the ins and outs of high school. Harper meets Sarah on the first day of school and although she isn’t in the “popular crowd,” and she gets made fun of for the way she dresses and her slight stutter, Harper can’t help but be drawn to her.

Sarah usually hates girls like Harper; their instant popularity and the fact that they seem to get everything they want in life. She has a pretty big chip on her shoulder, dealing with the fact that her twin brother is also instantly popular and that genetically he “got all the good, leaving her with shit.” But the more time she is thrown together with Harper the more she realizes that she isn’t like all the other rude and obnoxious kids she has grown up around.

“What if we don’t have a choice in who we love.”

This is a beautiful coming of age story about first love and dealing with the realization that you are gay and then coming out to your friends and family. This was my first book by Michelle L. Teichman, but I really enjoyed her writing and the flow of this book. I look forward to reading more from this author.

“Love is never wrong.”


About Michelle L. Teichman

Michelle L. Teichman was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, where she still resides. Michelle grew up in a well-to-do family of professionals, where emphasis was always placed on education, family, kindness, and excellence, no matter what she chose to pursue. She started writing at a young age, and knew she had talent when she won a short story competition in high school, which saw an acre of wildlife conservation land dedicated in her name. Her father, a prominent Toronto lawyer, wanted Michelle to follow the family tradition, but she heard the calling of quill and quire, and knew that writing was her true vocation.
In 2007, Michelle graduated from the Creative Writing program at York University in Toronto, which at the time was the most exclusive Undergraduate writing program in the country. Her professors included notable Canadian authors Richard Teleky (The Paris Years of Rosie Kamin), Shyam Selvadurai (Funny Boy), and Susan Swan (The Wives of Bath, upon which the movie Lost and Delirious was based). Armed with an Honours Bachelor of Arts, Double Major, Creative Writing and English, Michelle uses what she learned in school, in life, and in love to create inspiring stories that will resonate with readers.