The Resurrection of Aubrey Miller by L.B. Simmons: Release Day Blitz and Review

The Resurrection of Aubrey Miller by L.B. Simmons: Release Day Blitz and ReviewThe Resurrection of Aubrey Miller by L.B. Simmons
on April 23rd, 2014
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance


For some, it’s simply one of life’s certainties, nothing more. For others, it’s merely a fleeting thought, one often overshadowed by the reckless delusion that they have been blessed with the gift of immortality.

For Aubrey Miller, death is the definition of her very existence. Overcome with the guilt resulting from the loss of her beloved family, she alters her appearance from the once beautiful, blonde-haired, blue-eyed little girl to that of one shrouded in complete darkness, enveloping herself in her own unbreakable fortress of solitude as a form of protection for others.

As she enters her first year of college, her goal is simple: Earn a degree with the least amount of social interaction as possible. What she never anticipates is the formation of very unlikely relationships with two people who will change her life in ways she never believed possible: Quinn Matthews, the boisterous former pageant queen, and Kaeleb McMadden, a childhood friend from her past who never really let her go.

Over the years, as their connections intertwine and grow, a seemingly indestructible bond is formed between the three…

But when death painfully reemerges, Aubrey is lost once again, burying herself deeper than ever before inside the familiar fortification of her fears.

Will the refuge of friendship, the solidarity of life-long bonds, and the power of unconditional love be enough to do the impossible?

Will they be enough to finally bring about…

The Resurrection of Aubrey Miller?

****WARNING - Due to the graphic nature of some scenes, this book is not recommended for those who are particularly sensitive to the death of a child and/or suicide and is intended for mature audiences only. Contains adult language and themes.****

Stacia Says…

L.B. Simmons did a brilliant job of writing this emotional, gut-wrenching, and at times depressing story and somehow she was still able to incorporate bits of humor, love, support, and friendship into it. I immediately felt a connection with Aubrey. The pain and loss that she has lived through was so evident in her actions and in the way that she pushed everyone in her life away.

“This is my story- my fight to emerge from underneath the shroud of death that I was fearfully hiding behind for so many years.”

At first glance Aubrey Miller would appear to be just another college bound freshman, ready to experience life on her own. But Aubrey is far from that. She has had more loss in her young life then most have in a lifetime and her way of dealing with that is to hide her true self and form an alter-ego that she calls Raven. Raven is everything that she isn’t; she has multiple piercings, jet black hair and wears contacts to hide her eyes (and her emotions) from everyone. Raven is not the bubbly energetic girl that Aubrey once was, but is instead an angry, sarcastic, isolated soul. This book sounds dark and depressing but when you throw in amazing supporting characters the book takes a whole new turn. There is Quinn, the cheerful and animated roommate turned best friend. She has her own issues that she is living with, but somehow she is still able to always have a smile on her face and is able to help bring Aubrey back to the person she once was. Then of course we have Kaeleb, the sexy, sweet, thoughtful guy that almost instantly forms a lasting friendship with both Quinn and Aubrey. He has demons he is fighting as well and he has his own reasons for wanting to bring Aubrey back to the person she once was.

“Because in this moment, you are quite literally my dream come true.”

I loved the progression of this story. It is told over a span of 4 years and time isn’t wasted on things that don’t need to be focused on- instead the author highlighted the important moments and the ‘firsts’ that Aubrey experienced in a way that allowed the book to really flow. This book definitely isn’t your typical romantic college bound girl meets boy; some very heavy issues are approached and addressed and the focus is more on everything that she had to endure, experience, and see before there can be a resurrection of Aubrey Miller. As far as I now this book is a standalone and wraps up beautifully!


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