The Ground Rules Rewritten by Roya Carmen: Release Day Blitz and Review

The Ground Rules Rewritten by Roya Carmen: Release Day Blitz and ReviewThe Ground Rule Rewritten by Roya Carmen
on October 20, 2015
Genres: Love & Romance

Five simple rules. And it was very simple…until it wasn’t.

It could have been much worse. We weren’t thinking straight and had put everything on the line – risking our marriages. So when Weston ended the arrangement, it was for the best – for all of us. But I was still heartbroken. I thought I’d shatter into a million pieces. I didn’t, I survived. Not only did I survive, I came out stronger and ready to move on with my life.

But then…

Weston reaches out to me. With a few soft words, a gentle touch and a lingering gaze, he crumbles all my efforts.

Neither Gabe nor I want to start this again, and we are determined to fight the temptation. But Weston and Bridget are not taking no for an answer, and the pull between all of us is still so strong.

I tell myself I can handle it this time. This time, I am in the driver’s seat. This time, I am rewriting the ground rules.

Alexis says…

The Ground Rules Rewritten is one of few books I SERIOUSLY could not flipping wait to get on my Kindle. I devoured the first book, The Ground Rules about as quick as I devour a large glass of wine. As soon as I had finished the first book, I pretty much stalked Roya Carmen’s Facebook page religiously until I got the deets on the second book. Well, finally the wait ended and I was blessed with an ARC of The Ground Rules Rewritten. I may have actually screamed when I got the email at a restaurant. No, I swear…I really did.

The second book starts shortly after the first book ends. The couples pick up their arrangement again after Weston pursues Mirella. Though Mirella is quick to point out that this newly-amended arrangement is going to be purely physical, that there will be no emotional entanglements. Unfortunately, this really does not bode well for Mirella and Weston once the arrangement picks back up again. After a few shared trips, these two, end up falling for each other. Again. Even harder.

In the last book, I felt a bit cheated with the lack of knowledge when it came to Gabe and Bridget and how their “relationship” was going. Though you still don’t get a POV from anyone besides Mirella, I felt that you got to understand the inner workings of Gabe a bit more. The relationship between Weston and Mirella brought out this very jealous, very alpha-like character in Gabe. There was a part where my heart actually hurt for him when he finally admitted his feelings to Mirella regarding the arrangement. Trust me, I totally get where Gabe is coming from but at times I felt like he enjoyed the attention he was getting not only from Bridget but other women.

“I shouldn’t have let this all this get so out of control.”

The reader also gets to find out more about Weston. He admits to Mirella what brought him and Bridget to this sort of understanding in their relationship. You also see that Weston is not the perfect, controlled man that he presents outwardly. There is a sad, broken man just trying to find happiness again.

The storyline and the impeccable writing kept me entranced the entire time. At one point I didn’t even realize I was at 80% and was none too happy that I only had a sliver of the book left. I will say that I just wanted Mirella to literally come to her senses and figure out who she wants. She seemed a bit wishy-washy to me and it was a bit maddening. I get that she has Weston, this powerful, handsome, intriguing man falling for her and vice-versa, but she also has a wonderful connection with her husband Gabe who loves her more than anything. With that being said, I am Team Weston…but that’s just me.

“Your body might be marked as his…but you’ll always be mine.”

This book also has me questioning myself too. Why do I love this story so much? It’s literally about two people that are sorta cheating on their spouses in the open and at some point the lines get a bit blurred. Am I jealous? Is this something that I am into? Why am I so conflicted? I finally calmed my racing mind down and realized that I think there are people that are meant to be together and without a doubt I think Mirella and Weston are supposed to be together. I may be wrong but I have a very strong gut feeling about it. Though I may totally be wrong about how it ends up and I’m just pacifying myself.

I will say that there is a doozy of a cliffhanger and it will leave you salivating. Full-on pick your jaw up off the floor, get your heart to calm the f*ck down sort of cliffhanger. Shall the stalking commence!signature-alexis



I grab the umbrella and sprint off across the street, running surprisingly fast in my heeled boots. I shoot him a sly smile as I look back at him. He tries to keep up with me but he’s slowed down by a passing car. He’s caught in the rain and getting thoroughly drenched. I laugh at him as I make my way to the other side of the street. I retreat to the shelter of the alcove of a fancy apartment building, surrounded by Roman-like pillars, a satisfied smile on my face.

Of course, he does finally catch up with me, and when he does, he grabs me tight, dripping all over me. He looks adorable; face soaked, dripping hair plastered on his head. I could just drink him up. “Enough,” he says, his eyes serious. “Enough of these little games.” He grabs my face and presses his mouth against mine. I revel in his kiss. It’s so perfect; hot and sweet. He lets out a moan as I take his tongue in my mouth. I feel his kiss all the way through my core.

Well, there goes my ‘no kissing’ rule.

The heat oozes in me. It seems I’ve been waiting for this kiss all my life. His warm mouth shocks my senses, a sharp contrast to the coolness of the night. I moan into his mouth as I grab his cold wet face, and deepen the kiss. My kiss is hungry, clingy. I don’t want to let go. Despite myself, I respond to him thoroughly…uninhibited.

Our mouths our tangled in a hot mess. Teeth clanking, tongues dancing.

God, what the hell am I doing?


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