Taking Turns by J.A. Huss: Review & Giveaway

Taking Turns by J.A. Huss: Review & GiveawayTaking Turns by J.A. Huss
on January 18th, 2017
Genres: Erotica
Pages: 337

I’ve never been afraid of the dark...but that doesn’t mean I wanted to live in it. And maybe everyone wants what they can’t have, but I should’ve thought it over before I accepted the key and unlocked the door to their forbidden world.

Number One is mostly silent. He watches me with them very carefully. His gaze never wanders. His interest never wanes.

Number Two is mostly gentle. But it’s the other side of him I like best. The wild side.

Number Three is mostly reserved. He refuses to cross the line. Even when I beg.

It was carnal, it was sensual, and it was erotic. That’s it. That’s all it was supposed to be. A trip into the dark. A peek into the forbidden.

I just didn’t expect to like them.

Stacia says…

Smith, Quin, and Bric work and live at the Turning Point Club, an exclusive adult club where an elite group of people go to live out and indulge in their deepest fantasies. The three of them enjoy playing a game called, Taking Turns- a game between four people that is dark, depraved and twisted. One where there is no limits, but plenty of rules. They have been playing with different women for years, but their current “victim” Rochelle, has been a part of the game for three years. Out of the blue, she disappears and leaves a woman named Marcella “Chella” in her place. The men want to know where Rochelle went, why did she leave, and why did she find a replacement for them instead of just ending the game? Not to mention, who is Chella, why is she there, why did she agree to take Rochelle’s place, and what does she want out of this game?

“Number one is there to deny you. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Number two is there to satisfy you after the abstinence. Number three is there to give you what you really want- Number one, with conditions.”

J.A. Huss is a fairly new author for me and I was really excited to read Taking Turns after reading the synopsis. I knew going into this book that it was going to be sexy, but good lawd… I didn’t’ know it was going to be so completely over the top filthy dirty. There are scenes in this book (lots and lots of scenes) that were erotic and just straight up smokin’ hot! But, for me, that was pretty much all this book was. Yes, there are some deeper moments involving the insecurities and emotional issues of the characters. There was also some twists and turns to the plots, but for me I just didn’t feel like they fit into the story. I wasn’t that invested in the characters. This is the first book in the series, and although it doesn’t end in a huge cliffy (cliffhanger) it does leave it open for the 2nd book. So if you are looking for a hot steamy read, this is the book for you!



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About J.A. Huss

JA Huss is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of more than twenty romances. She likes stories about family, loyalty, and extraordinary characters who struggle with basic human emotions while dealing with bigger than life problems. JA loves writing heroes who make you swoon, heroines who makes you jealous, and the perfect Happily Ever After ending.