Sunshine & Whiskey by R.L. Griffin: Review

Sunshine & Whiskey by R.L. Griffin: ReviewSunshine & Whiskey by R.L. Griffin
on April 21, 2015
Genres: Love & Romance

Sometimes the best things in life come from the unexpected. So if you lower your expectations, then you’ll never be disappointed. Sound cheesy? It is, but it's also true. Clichés come from a grain of truth…like a man with a Porsche is compensating for something, or once a cheater always a cheater—you get the idea. Sorry, I digress. I'm supposed to be telling you what this book is about.

I'm Megan Walker, a lawyer at one of the hottest boutique law firms in Atlanta. I'm on the fast track to making partner and have my entire life planned out...or I did.
We all know how that goes, right? Best laid plans and all that.
Life just threw me a couple curveballs, so I've set out to take things into my own hands. By throwing caution to the wind and getting out of my A-type personality bubble, I'm learning more about myself than I have in my twenty-seven years.
Sound like a chick flick, doesn't it?
It’s not.

Alexis says…

Sunshine & Whiskey was such a departure from what I usually read. It was also the first book that I’ve ever read from R.L. Griffin, and I really enjoyed it. In one day, Megan’s life went from complete crap to something completely different. After finding her boyfriend screwing his secretary on her bed along with her vibrator (yuck, I know), her luck completely changed. Throwing caution to the wind, her and her best friend, Laura, embark on one epic road trip from Atlanta to Napa. Along the way, they have crazy one-night stands, amazing concerts, revisit past loves, and have the time of their lives.

I was completely shocked by how much I liked this book. To be honest, I think I fell in love with the way the story was told. I loved Megan’s voice and her no holds barred sort of way about her. Megan was kicking ass and taking names as a fantastic lawyer in Atlanta, but, her life was missing that “something”. She counted her life in six-minute intervals (all billable) and had some baggage that needed to be sorted out. Through her road trip you saw her grow up and realize that she wanted more for her life than that. She wanted to be happy, to find that person that will treat her right, as well as do something to help others. One thing I will say, Megan is selfless and is very giving toward her friends and family. Though she has this rough exterior, she really is just a softie at heart. Eventually she finds her purpose and her heart along the way. Where? I’m not going to spoil that for you.

This book was a lot of fun. I almost felt like I was living vicariously through Megan and Laura and the crazy adventures these two got themselves in. I loved some of their most ridiculously outlandish stories and look at my best friend and hope one day I can have such an amazing time like these two did. Their friendship felt so organic and effortless…I loved their dialogue and the fact that they would do anything for each other. There was a lot of girl power between them, and it was utterly fabulous.

All in all, this was a funny, at times sexy, and smile-inducing read for me. I honestly would say it’s a top recommendation. However, I have to say. I found there to be a few too many errors for me. I am very picky about those sorts of things (Type-A right here) and at times it was a bit distracting. Even though I had to get past those errors (again my own issue), the story was great and made me want to call my bestie even though I see her almost every other day.



About R.L. Griffin

I live in the Atlanta area. I was surrounded by awesome dudes, until I added a female dog into the mix of my husband, son and dog. I went to law school at American University, Washington College of Law, but only after I fell in love with D.C. I worked in the Senate during the impeachment trial and wanted to stay. After law school I worked for a bit in the area, then moved to Atlanta.

If you ask anyone who knows me they know I love reading and read all sorts of books. Any free time I have I’m either reading, writing or drinking with friends.