Stacia’s Top Reads of 2014!

Stacia’s Top Reads of 2014!

I had a really hard time making my list. I have read a lot of OUTSTANDING books this year, but some of them I just discovered and they were 1-2 years old. One of the rules we made, when making our lists, were that they had to be published in 2014.

So, here are my absolute favorites... they are in no particular order.

 Drumroll Please!!

Sweet Fall (Sweet Home #3) by Tillie Cole 

I am a huge fan of Tillie Cole’s writing. She is extremely talented book and so versatile. How many authors do you know that  can write about a sweet nerdy English girl in love with a star football player, a mute biker mesmerized by a girl from a cult, and a death match fighter and  Russian mafia princess. Most authors stick to one genre, but Tillie branches out and each book is just SO damn good! I easily could have listed each book that Tillie published in 2014 as my favorite, but I picked Sweet Fall because the story hit home on a personal level and it was written with so much angst and emotion that you could literally feel everything that the main character was going through. Sweet Fall is part of the Sweet Home series, but it can be read as a standalone.

Nine Minutes (Nine Minutes #1) by Beth Flynn

Oy… this book!! It has been over a month since I finished Nine Minutes and I am STILL thinking about it! I finished this book and then told anyone and everyone that would listen to read it ASAP! This is not your typical MC story and there are so many twists and turns to it, that it will leave you guessing until the end!

The Madam (VIP #2) by M. Robinson

After reading the first book in the series, VIP, I was extremely curious what type of an upbringing the Madam had and who she really was. Well this book is not only Skokie, but is full of suprises and jaw-dropping moments! I can’t wait to read book #3- MVP.

Variables of Love by MK Schiller

MK Schiller is honestly one of my favorite authors. Every single book she writes I literally devour. Variables of Love I read in one day and messaged Alexis and told her it was a MUST read. I laughed, I cried and I was just in awe, once again, of MK and her writing style. She is ubber talented!!

Make it Count (Bowler Univeristy #1) by Megan Erickson

Make it Count is part of the Bowler University series, but each book can be read as a stand-alone. I can always tell when the first few sentences of a book have me laughing out loud, that I am going to enjoy the story. Well Megan Erickson had me at scrunchie and then not only held my interest throughout the rest of the book, but literally had me cracking up.  This book really has it all; likeable characters, great chemistry, sweet storyline, and “hello” sexy nerd! One of my new favorite lines came from this book “You know, nerd is the new black. I read that in Cosmo.” 

Stay (Keaton #2) by B.A. Wolfe

Stay is the follow up to B.A.’s debut novel Away and it is really not to be missed. I laughed, I swooned, I cried (a lot), and I fell so deep in love with the characters of this book. B.A’s attention to all the little details that make books hard to forget and just an incredible read, were spot on and she is one of those authors that reminds me why I love to read!

More Than Forever (More Than #4) by Jay McLean

I loved the entire More Than series, but this book and Lucy and Cam’s story was by far my favorite. Cam was just so sweet and caring, and Lucy really was his perfect match! Jay is an amazing storyteller with beyond loveable characters!

The Finish by Jade Eby

The Finish just released Friday the 26th, so it just made the 2014 cut… but it HAD to be on my list!! This book literally made my heart hurt and Jade’s writing blew me away! It was so beautifully done and it just made me feel. I admittedly cried through a large portion of it, right down to the last three words- which gave me goose bumps.
Before you read The Finish, I recommend you read Whiskey and a Gun. It is a short prequel to this book and it’s told completely in Carter’s (the male main character) point of view.

Be My Hero (Forbidden Men #3) by Linda Kage

Although this book can be read as stand-alone, I recommend you read Price of a Kiss (Forbidden Men #1) first. Be My Hero is one of those books that suck you in from the prologue and doesn’t let you go until the very last page. Not to mention that this book has one of my favorite book boyfriends, Pick. He is just amazing and so selfless! Eva and Pick’s love story is the type that fairy tales are made of.

Archer’s Voice by Mia Sheridan

This was my first Mia Sheridan book and I really fell in love with her writing and storytelling style! Archer’s Voice was just so originial, heartbreaking, emotional, poetic, and overall just brillantly done! Plus, there is just no chance that you won’t fall in love with main character, Archer Hale.. he is incredible!