SOS by Alexis: Random Ramblings

SOS by Alexis: Random Ramblings

Alexis says…

You have probably been wondering where the hell I’ve been for the last 9 days, 12,960 minutes, or 777,600 seconds.

It pains me, I mean really pains me to let you all know that it’s been that long since I’ve found a book that truly captured my heart and brings out the “inner book nerd” in me.

Don’t get me wrong, I have exhausted all my book lead efforts in the last 9 days.  I have consulted with my top book sources: one of my favorite authors, my blog partners, and our book club members.  Hell, I even sent out an SOS on our FB page (sadly, since FB sucks, only 3 people saw it).

So the question is, where do I go from here?  I have literally picked up and put down at least 12 books in the last 12,960 minutes.  I want that book, the one that keeps you up at night, makes you obsess over how many minutes you have left until your lunch break, and the one that demands you sneak reading a few pages at a time while working. Don’t judge-I know that happens to all of you!!

For now, I’ll still put out “feelers” and will follow up on any and all leads I get from our fabulous followers.  I hope in the next few days I will find “the one” that I can’t stop raving about.  I hate to think that I read so many fantastic books as of late that I’m now being punished.

If you have any suggestions-I beg of you to let me know of any books that will lift this fog and bring out sunny days again!