Sexual Awakenings Series by Angelica Chase: Review

Sexual Awakenings Series by Angelica Chase: ReviewSexual Awakenings by Angelica Chase
Genres: Erotica, Romance

You know what they say… One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

After sacrificing years of my life on a cheating husband, I'd had enough. I set out to quench a thirst I had ignored for years. I gave myself one year to explore my sexuality—to delve into my deepest, darkest desires. With nothing to lose and everything to gain, I would have my sexual revolution. I would have my … awakening.

Unsure of where to start, I took a risk to make myself seen. Little did I know, the man who saw me would give me everything I ever wanted, one sweet orgasm at a time.
Diving into the world of both pleasure and pain, I was sure with Rhys I had found what I’d been missing … until he took it away.


*This is the synopsis for book 1.

Alexis says…

I usually don’t read serials. I tend to find them short and not able to grab my attention in the short amount of story that they provide. On a whim, I decided to try Angelica Chase’s Sexual Awakenings series. What I was not expecting was to be completely sucked in to this beyond Skokie read. I’m not kidding…I immediately messaged Stacia and told her it was imperative that she start this series ASAP.

Violet is in a loveless marriage with a husband who has been cheating on her throughout their marriage. On a whim, she decides to discover exactly who she is sexually and gives it a time limit of one year. Violet meets a man, Rhys, online and when she meets up with him their attraction is palpable. Almost immediately they start into a Dom/sub relationship. But both Violet and Rhys can’t fight their budding feelings towards each other. Unfortunately, real-life and their pasts collide and threaten what they have started.

Like I said above, this story literally had me right from the get-go. I was completely sucked into the passion that Violet and Rhys had. I was fighting for them to be together the entire time. This book did take some detours that I was so not expecting. Rhys was a complete mystery to me for the first two books. Once I found out what he had been hiding everything started to fall into place. Well…until Angelica dropped another bomb that was so beyond awesome that I just hugged my Kindle.

I was a bit mad at Violet during the series. I felt as if she was punishing Rhys a bit for everything that had happened in her past. Yes, I understand that he hid some information from her, but you can tell that he was doing it for her own good. Violet on the other hand did seem to draw the short end of the stick during holidays and was a victim on many levels. But, I think she should’ve leaned more on Rhys to help her get through everything. Rhys on the other hand…holy moly. I think every woman needs a little bit of Rhys in their lives. He is so flipping hot and the mouth he has and oh…his alpha-ness is something to be desired.

I highly recommend this series. It is addictive, sexy, and just fun. If you are in a book slump or just want something that you’ll read in one sitting…grab this series!


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