Ruin You Completely by Calia Read: Release Day Blitz & Review

Ruin You Completely by Calia Read: Release Day Blitz & ReviewRuin You Completely by Calia Read
on January 29, 2015
Genres: Love & Romance

I met Mathias Sloan in a club.
I told him I was twenty-four.
I told him my name was Olivia.
I thought that I would have a one-night stand and be done with him.
I didn’t know that he was my new piano instructor for the next six months…
We would come together and fall apart. After him, every man was ruined.
If I knew what I know now, I wouldn’t have walked to him. I would’ve turned and run…

Alexis says…

Ruin You Completely has left me just in a stage of, “I just can’t pick up another book at the moment.” It completely grabbed me by the heart within the first few pages and did not let go. I’m at the point of suffering such a huge hangover that I have to have a somewhat large magazine break.

Ruin You Completely is part of a series but in all honesty can definitely be read as a standalone. I have read the other books and all I knew what that there was a huge backstory to Mathias. He is the oldest of the Sloan brothers and was always such a mystery.

Mathias is asked to teach piano lessons in Germany for six months to a family friend’s daughter. This daughter, Katja is nineteen years old and is very talented but her grandfather wants the best teacher for her to achieve amazing success and knows that Mathias is that person.

On his first night in Germany he meets up with a friend at a bar. While drinking he meets this beautiful girl named Olivia and shares a few dances with her. Of course she goes back to his place and they hook-up as a one-night stand. Under the shadow of a new day, when Mathias goes to meet his student he realizes that it’s actually his one-night stand Olivia but her name is really Katja.  During the next six months lines are blurred and the boundaries of their working relationship are crossed.

Mathias was such a mystery for me. He has long-since given up playing and the reader doesn’t know why. Mathias is also a very gruff man and does not say very much. Most of his feelings are displayed through his actions. But once he does finally give in he is all in.

Katja is the complete opposite. It seems she almost wears her heart on her sleeve. Yes, she is a bit younger than Mathias but I don’t think he is correct when he says that she is naïve. I think she is a bit more mature than most at her age. I also think she’s incredibly strong for moving on and along with her life.

I don’t want to give too much away of this story…there is so much feeling that goes along with reading it. There were times that my heart actually hurt from what both characters were going through emotionally. At about 50% I had to put it down for a breather because it was that intense. But in all honestly I wouldn’t have had it any other way. This book literally ruined me at the moment for other books. I never do rereads back to back and that’s exactly what I’m doing right now.



I looked back on my time with Mathias Sloan as an experience—one that couldn’t be dodged or ignored. He swept into my life like a hurricane, destroying everything in his wake.

Because of him I learned that there’s a learning curve to love. Because of him I realized that there’s always that one person that destroys and sends you back into the world to fend for yourself. And it doesn’t matter how hard they hurt you. Whether you like it or not, the scars on your heart spell out their name.

You will always remember them.

I knew I had to get this over with. Swallowing loudly, I opened the door. He turned around. And there he was. All six feet three inches of him.

Mathias Sloan.

His hands were tucked into his jeans. His dirty blonde hair was cut short. A five o’clock shadow appeared on his face. I remembered what that stubble felt like against my neck.

Tension was etched in his hazel eyes. He looked haggard, like he hadn’t slept in days.

But it didn’t matter what he looked like; my heart beat against my chest, begging to burst, and reach for him.

“Hi,” he said deeply.

I gripped the doorknob so hard, my knuckles turned white. I tried to force words out of my mouth, but nothing would come out. I just stood there, staring at him with wide eyes.

“Can we talk?” He nudged his head toward the cobblestone street behind him, and when he turned, the sunlight reflected on my ring.

I quickly put my hand behind my back, but it was too late.

His voice faded into nothing and his eyes clouded over. For a second, I saw fear. A flash of anger. And then, something that I never thought I’d see from Mathias: hurt.

Thousands of questions appeared in his eyes. The last thing I wanted to do was answer him; the longer I stood there the further I drifted from my fury.

“I’m marrying him,” I blurted out. My voice was shaking. I knew if I stayed here, so close to him, I would crumble and I would be back at the beginning.

Mathias took a step back, as if I’d punched him. He stared at me with hurt and accusation. “What did you do, Katja?”


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