Room for More by Beth Ehemann: Review, Excerpt and Giveaway

Room for More by Beth Ehemann: Review, Excerpt and GiveawayRoom for More by Beth Ehemann
Series: Cranberry Inn #2
on March 20, 2014
Genres: Contemporary, Love & Romance, Romance

Four years ago, my dreams were shattered in an instant.

Three months ago, I found something I haven’t had in years.


That hope came in the form of a sexy, carefree hockey player named Brody Murphy. He swooped in and won me over with his big heart and the way he cared for me…and my girls. When they look at him, they see the father they’ve never had.

Now, my past and present are colliding and the outcome might just be too much for me to bear. Can I make the right decision when I’ve spent my whole life making the wrong ones?

Leary says…

I was so unbelievably excited to start reading Room for More after that ending of Room for You..gahhh, I was so upset!!! I feel head over heels in love with Brody and Kacie in the first book and seriously had no idea that I could love Brody even more. You seriously don’t want to miss out on this loving story, but please read the first book in the series first!!

“Kacie, get attached. Please, get attached. I sure as hell know I am. You’re what I want. You and the girls. This is it for me.” I brushed a fresh tear from her cheek. “I know we’re taking our time, especially where the girls are concerned, but you’re my more, remember?” 

“You’re my more too.” 

Who doesn’t love a book with a hot hockey player and especially a professional hockey player that falls in love with two little girls that aren’t his and calls them Twinkies?! How freaking adorable! It was not only his love for his Twinkies that made me fall more in love with Brody in this book but he undying love for Kacie. There were some definite struggles during the book that you would expect after the ending of Room for You.

“What my Twinkies want, my Twinkies get.” 

One thing that did bug me about the book but was pretty much a necessity was Kacie and keeping some things secret. Kacie had a lot going on throughout the book with her ex back in her life and wanting to get to know his two little girls after 5 years of playing the disappearing act. Not only was Kacie worried about Zach being back but it’s a big year for Brody and she’s worried about their future.

I really did love this book, I was so excited to spend more time with Kacie and Brody. The supporting characters were even more amazing then in the first. Viper was hilarious and the Twinkies were so sweet. I totally recommend this book to anyone that is looking for a lighter romance read!

 Book #1 in Cranberry Inn Series – Room for You

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“Who’s Viper?” Lucy asked.

“Uh . . . Viper is one of my friends.” I chose my words carefully. No way could I ever accurately describe Viper to a six-year-old without scaring the hell out of her.

“Does he play hockey too?” Piper chimed in.

“Yep. He’s on my team.”

“Why did his mommy name him Viper?” Lucy scrunched up her nose in disapproval when she said his name.

“That’s not his real name, Baby, it’s just a nickname.” I laughed quickly. “His real name is Lawrence Finkle.”

Lucy and Piper shoveled their soup in their mouths, seemingly unaffected by what I’d just said. Kacie, on the other hand, stared at me with her mouth open.

“Viper’s real name is Lawrence Finkle?”

“You didn’t know that?” I cocked my head slightly to the side.

“No!” She gawked at me in disbelief. “That’s like . . . the nerdiest name ever!”

“Finkle Tinkle,” Lucy said to Piper before exploding in laughter.

Piper crossed her eyes and responded, “Finkle Tinkle Winkle.”

Lucy threw her head back and laughed so hard the vein in her neck popped out. A second later, Piper joined her, giggling hysterically.

I looked at Kacie and tilted my head toward the girls. “Easy crowd, huh?”

She didn’t even hear me. She was too busy staring down at the two laughing hyenas with that mommy glow all over her face. If anyone ever asked me to, it would be really hard to describe exactly what love looks like, but I got to witness it firsthand every time Kacie looked at her girls. The way she loved them made me love her more, if that was even possible.


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