Our rating scale

5 Stars: ABSOLUTELY loved, could not put down. Will kick, scream, and stab someone with a fork if they try to take away the kindle before the book is finished. May be stalking Facebook and Goodreads to get dirt on the next book from the author. Utterly Obsessed.

4.5 Stars: Did that really just happen?! May have snuck into the bathroom at work for a few minutes to read (shhh, don’t tell)! Even though life was put on hold every now and then for the story, there was something that was just not right. Was able to get past the restraint and will be searching out other stories by the author

4 Stars: Hold on a minute, a little hungover here! Although it was not a perfect read (i.e. editing issues, flow of story seemed off, could not connect with a character, etc.) the flaws will not stop me from rereading or continuing with the author. When’s the next book?!

3.5 Stars: Liked it a lot. Was not immediately captivated or the story dwindled a little as it went on. Enjoyed the read but didn’t find it to be an ‘OMG, you have to read this’ story.

3 Stars: A simple read that didn’t completely hold attention. Character development may have been lacking or there were other issues that could not be completely ignored. There were no huge ‘I can’t believe that just happened’ moments that brought on thoughts of kindle murder.