Review Requests


We read and review New Adult Romance, Contemporary Romance, and Young Adult. Please, before you submit for review, take a look at some of our previous reviews. We are honest in our reviews, we give both positives and negatives to the stories (if we find them).


We LOVE getting review requests and we want to help out every author that we can but we do get a lot of requests and although we would love for our lives to be all about reading we do have families, work, friends, and other admin blog stuff to take care of. We DO read EVERY SINGLE request/email that comes to us but we find that we cannot reply to every single one. We do keep all the requests in a separate folder and will contact you if we think your book is up our alley. Please, do not be discouraged if you do not hear from us right away!

Also, please note that if we do accept your request, we will assign it to one of the girls (the person most interested). If she is not able to connect with the characters or the story line another one of us will take a stab at the book before we contact you. We have found a lot of times that we each have different opinions on books. There have been plenty of books that one or two of us have loved and the other disliked, therefore, at least two of us will read your book before we decide if it is not for us.

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