Drawn to You by Robin Shaw: Review


Bethany Pruitt has been judged for her mother’s actions ever since she could remember. When she returns from college in Miami to Franklin Parks, her hometown, for the summer, she doesn’t expect to find the only home she’s known to be motherless and empty. By another turn of events, she decides to accept an invitation from her uncle to stay at Paloma’s Edge, Florida.
Chase Lovell lives for the present and doesn’t think about much else. When he goes to see his coach for a meeting, a female standing at the end of a long bus line at his college sparks his interest and earns his respect. Intent on approaching her, he misses his chance, and assumes that he’ll never see her again. When Pierce, his best friend ask him to pick up his cousin, Beth, from Franklin Parks and drive her to Paloma’s Edge, he can’t deny that this is the girl he’s been drawn to.
But will Chase do whatever it takes to keep the girl he’s found again?

Leary says…

This was a nice easy romantic read. I enjoyed the main characters, they had personal struggles stemming from family issues but these issues didn’t overtake their overall story. Chase and Beth had an amazing connection that you could feel through every interaction. Not only do you get treated to a great emotional connection between the main characters but you also get some great sexual attraction and some really great scenes between the two of them.
I really enjoyed the secondary characters, they all had strong friendships with each other and you could really feel that these friends would do anything for each other. The secondary characters were introduced and took part in the majority of the story which helped the set up the rest of the series.
At times, I felt that the story jumped around too much and there were unfinished scenes. which left me wanting more. There are definite editing issues but they didn’t distract from the story and I didn’t take these into account for my rating. Although there were some issues and feeling that there were unfinished scenes, I did enjoy the story. It was an enjoyable romantic read that didn’t have a lot of angst and didn’t leave you feeling upset.
Overall, I would get this story 3 stars and I look forward to continuing the series with this new author.
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I love to read and write about romance. I believe that romance should make people feel satisfied even if the journey is a bit rocky. Or very rocky. While I’ve read many books in other genres, I always go back to my reading roots, which is…you guessed correctly: romance.
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