Nikolai by S.L. Jennings: Blog Tour, Review, and Giveaway

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: November 11, 2013


Two centuries ago, I clawed my way into a world of immorality, filth and destruction. A world seething with secrets and lies, both mortal and immortal.
Complete and utter Darkness.
I know we’re supposed to be inherently evil, but something inside me refuses to fully believe our legends. Something that calls out for more… calls out for her.
But there are rules. Rules that control the balance of nature. And if broken, it could destroy everything I’ve ever known. It could destroy me.
I am Nikolai Skotos, son of Stavros and Delia, and brother of Dorian, the heir of the Dark throne. I am one of the most powerful Dark forces to have ever walked this earth.
And I once was lost.
Now, I’m about to give it all up for the girl that found me.
*This is a PREQUEL NOVELLA for the Dark Light Series, NOT Book 3, to be read AFTER reading Dark Light & The Dark Prince*

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#2.5 Nikolai

Leary Says…

TEASE TEASE TEASE…QUESTIONS QUESTIONS QUESTIONS. That is exactly how I feel right now. I literally finished Nikolai 20 minutes ago, have spent the last 10 minutes talking with another book friend going over all of our questions from both the ending of The Dark Prince & Nikolai.
Nikolai is spin-off from the Dark Light series but is written as a prequel to the series & should be read after Dark Light & The Dark Prince. We met Niko in the Dark Light series, he is the brother to Dorian and they are both princes of the Dark. As you can guess, the Dark are the ‘bad’ and the Light are the ‘good’ blah blah, in my opinion..I love them both! I absofreakinglutely fell in love with Niko and Amelie in this novella!
Niko…YUMMM! He is so unbelievably hot and dirty and scrumptious all rolled up into a man who completely struggles with who he is and what he wants to be. He goes through life feeling absolutely lonely..until HER.Amelie is brought to him as payment for her dead beat father but they both later learn that her father is not the only reason their paths have crossed. Niko struggles with what he should do and what he wants to do. He feels himself being drawn to Amelie and feels completely whole is able to be his true self when he is around her.
We get a glimpse into the total darkness of Niko and the ray of sunshine that Amelie brings into his life. I felt like this novella was such a tease..thanks S.L.!! You left me wanting SO much more! I already and so many questions at the end of The Dark Prince but now I have so many more!
I can’t say much more about the novella without giving anything away. If you’ve read the first two books you will not be disappointed! Trust me.


I stand at the foot of the bed, gazing down at the naked bodies twisted in rumpled satin sheets. Pale moonlight kisses their skin, making them appear ethereal, ghostlike even.
So beautiful. So soft. So weak.
I lean forward, propping a knee onto the mattress, and position myself between their sleeping forms. My fingers graze their soft skin, leaving a trail of goose bumps in their wake. I inhale their combined scents, picking up traces of alcohol  sweat, and sex. And something else. Something more. It invades my lungs and bursts in my chest, sprouting tingling warmth in my extremities.
Just a drop between the two, but it will do. These days, it’s harder and harder to find more than that. In a willing donor, that is.
I lay down facing the brunette, my hands exploring the soft contours of her body. I brush her cheek with the back of my hand. She was stunning once- I can tel. But her indulgences have aged her. Her vices, her weakness, have not been kind to her. She’ll die before her time, I’m certain of it.
“Wake,” I whisper. Instantly, her eyes open, and once her pupils adjust to the dark, she smiles.
“Hey,” she says, caressing my bare chest.
I give her a slight smile and cup her face between my hands. “Look at me.”
She complies instantly, looking back at me with trusting, brown eyes. Eyes that will forget that they ever say my face. They dilate within seconds and her body relaxes against mine. She’s completely open to me- her thoughts, her actions… all mine. But most of all, her magic. The tiny trace concealed in her bloodline flows freely into my body as I inhale the base of her neck. I moan and let my teeth graze her throat.
Fuck, it feels good. It always does, transcending any measure of human pleasure. Breathing is beyond feeling. Beyond physical sensation. It’s complete and utter euphoria, exploring in every synapse. It’s feeding your soul and making love to your spirit. It’s life itself.

About the Author:

Most known for her starring role in a popular sitcom as a child, S.L. Jennings went on to earn her law degree from Harvard at the young age of 16. While studying for the bar exam and recording her debut hit album, she also won the Nobel Prize for her groundbreaking invention of calorie-free wine. When she isn’t conquering the seas in her yacht or flying her Gulfstream, she likes to spin elaborate webs of lies and has even documented a few of these said falsehoods.


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