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Sadie is thriving in her new life and taking every moment to enjoy her new freedom. After a failed marriage that changed everything she knew to be true, she gets the courage to start over on her own. Sadie’s world quickly changes from her new normal when one night she gets pulled over by the most gorgeous police officer she’s ever met. Feeling optimistic about opening up again, she hopes that begins with Officer Stevens. He’s protective, sweet and seemingly trustworthy. She wonders if her past will ever allow her to get close to someone again. Her friends keep telling her how much she finally deserves to be happy. Will their chance meeting give her an opportunity to find out how fulfilling true love really should be? She wants to put her past to rest and move on, but will she finally allow herself to trust him when she feels like her life might be in danger?


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Stacia Says…

This book is about Sadie, a broken and abused woman, who has finally started putting the pieces of her life back together. She randomly meets Parker (or Officer Sexy as I like to call him) when he pulls her over for speeding and then again, when she finds out he is the brother of her new neighbor. Parker is your typical playboy, until he meets Sadie and decides that he wants more for once in his life. He is sweet, tender, patient, and treats her the way she deserves to be treated. Not only that, he understands what she has gone through as a victim of domestic violence, because he has seen so many horrific things with his job.
“I can’t imagine something happening to you and me not being there to protect you from it. I want to be the one to keep you safe.”
I did feel that the pace of Sadie and Parker’s relationship was a little fast; I hate to use the term “insta-love” but, I did feel that it was at times rushed. However, this book still held my interest with a mix of suspenseful anticipation and second chance love.
“What if you are my happily ever after? I’ll take the chance of you thinking I’m some clingy loser by telling you this; there is no doubt in my mind that I’m falling in love with you.”
Sadie’s abusive and psychotic ex-husband Brent is always in the background, with the reading just waiting for that other “shoe” to drop. I felt that while there was a semi-suspenseful buildup throughout the book, there could have been more to make it seem more believable. Also, I felt after this book-long buildup, the ending was a little anti-climatic and a bit rushed.
I give this book 4 bookies


I slipped my tank top over my head and pulled it down as I caught a glimpse of the scar that stretched across the left side of my lower stomach. It triggered a memory of who I thought I would be forever; a useless piece of someone’s property.

Meet Elaine:

Elaine is a Florida native who recently packed up and moved her family to Utah. She is a stay at home mom to two younger children and runs a crafting business named Frills & Freckles from home. When she’s not cleaning up after her kiddos or using her creative mind for a customer, you can find her satisfying her need for her favorite TV series or listening to music. Though finding time to write often seems like a lost cause, she uses every free minute to work on her debut novel, Keep Me Safe.


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