Just Another Manic Monday

Welcome to the third edition of our weekly Manic Monday posts. Just Another Manic Monday is all about breaking up the monotony of the Monday blues and bringing attention to something that we are extremely excited about. Our posts could be from one of us or from all of us and could be about anything that we are super excited about.

Three Girls say…

This week the three of us had our own version of a Menage a Trois… get your mind out of the gutter, this one involved one sexy-ass book review! We all read and fell in love with ‘The Other C-Word’ by M.K. Schiller.



Marley Mason is dreading the arrival of the new business consultant. After all, this man will most likely outsource her job to China. The last thing she would expect is a case of mistaken identity, leading to false accusations of kidnapping when she attempts to pick up the wrong man at the airport, or worse…that she would have such a visceral reaction to the right man.
Rick Randy is super sexy, scandalously flirty and perfect masturbation material, but a relationship is out of the question. Rick is contracted on a temporary basis to fix Marley’s ailing company, then pull out, although as he expresses to Marley, pulling out is difficult for him, in more ways than one! Marley’s feelings range from utter confusion to intense contemplation as Rick charms his way into her life. All of those C-words Marley can control, but it’s the other C-word she fears- commitment.

What we thought…

Leary: I really, really enjoyed this book and found myself cracking up in the first couple of chapters. I mean, if you aren’t laughing at the airport scene then something is so totally wrong with you.
Stacia: You had me at “R U Randy”… I swear I literally laughed out loud throughout this book. Between the banter with Marley and her sisters, to her smart ass comments, to most every conversation between her and Rick.. I don’t know that a book has ever been this comical.
Alexis: Hands down, the airport scene was one of the funniest scenes that I’ve ever read and I’ve read a lot of books. I believe after reading that scene, I immediately put my Kindle down and messaged both of you telling you that you needed to read this book!
Leary: That is totally true Alexis, you told us RIGHT away that we had to pick up this book ASAP! OMG yes “R U Randy” had me almost peeing my pants, laughing so hard. But seriously… Richard Randy!?! He had to have been teased as a child!! That old man at the airport was ALL about being “Randy”… hehe. And it wasn’t just the first couple of chapters that had me cracking up, throughout the whole book I was laughing. Marley and her sisters were such a hoot and Marley and Ricks interactions in the office were hilarious ..especially after they finally gave in!
Stacia: Yes this book is funny and talk about sexual tension between Marley and Rick… it is off the charts! But, this book is also a heart-warming story about the close relationship between Marley, her mom, and her sisters. As a HUGE music lover, I thought it was so clever of the author to name all the sisters after artists or songs from different eras. When a book is full of music references, I will usually stop reading and either make a playlist or listen to the song that is mentioned, while I am reading. This book made an awesome playlist!
Alexis: Ladies…I have to say I was a huge Rick fan. The tension-filled scenes between him and Marley were literally smoking hot. I loved how he pushed her but not too hard when it came to finally starting their relationship. The lengths he went to… how about that scene in the bar where he grabs her phone and erases all of her contacts and completely cock-blocks her? Oh my gosh, what about the ‘Zesty Bars’ and the chart she made? Loved it all!
Leary: Yes.. Rick was AMAZING!! The steps he took to prevent Marley from being able to contact any of her normal hook ups was hilarious! I definitely would have been mad at him though! The way that their relationship started developing you could see a really strong and caring connection growing between Marley and Rick and they were both equally hilarious in how they handled their attraction to each other.

The strong connections didn’t stop at this close knit family, Marley’s best friend Dillon was also a huge part of their family and played a vital role in the families dynamics. What was so great about this story, was that although so many parts were hilarious the author brought in such a serious subject that had my heart aching. What happened in the past brought this family even closer, but also stopped the girls from moving further in their lives due to fear.

Alexis: I also loved the scenes between Marley and her family. They were so supportive of her and what she went through and how she was dealing with on a daily basis. I loved how Marley’s family was so tight-knit and their daily “dish” during dinner each night. Also, I liked how everyone had flaws; no one in the book was perfect. I must say that I did love Dillon too and wish he could be my bestie.
Stacia: The way that Marley’s heartbreaking past issues came into play in her everyday life and how her family had nothing but endless support for her was unbelievably heart-warming. Alexis, I also wanted Dillion as my bestie, can we share him?

The author did such a good job of packing this book full of “everything” needed to make it a 5-star read. This book is emotional, addicting (since I couldn’t put it down until I finished it), heartwarming, and sexy as hell.

Leary: I completely agree. This was one of those ‘I will gauge your eyes out and stab you with a fork if you try to stop me from reading’ books. I was so utterly addicted to this story. I laughed, my heart broke, and I seriously fell head over heels in love. I love you Richard Randy!!
Alexis: I agree, this author did a fantastic job with such a dark subject and created a story that has stayed with me for a long time. I went through a range of emotions with this book from hysterically laughing to ugly crying, and that is what a good, no AMAZING book does. Readers… you must read this book, you will be thanking us later!
Three Girls give this book 5 OUTSTANDING bookies!!


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