Hers by Dawn Robertson: Blog Tour and Review


I am weak.
I am lonely.
I am a slut.
I am strong.
I am a Dominant.
I am independent.
I am Seven James.
My entire life, no one has wanted me, and that was fine, because I sure as shit didn’t need anyone else. Blah, Blah, Blah, insert sad story about negligent parents, and shitty siblings, and you have my life story in a nut shell.  When my college boyfriend dumped me, it was just icing on the cake.  Five years, and a booming career later I am here to collect my revenge.
That was until a delicious plaything walked into the kink club I frequent, and rocked my typically un-rockable world.  Causing me to break the one rule I have lived by since Daniel Alexander walked out of my life, never have sex with the same person twice.  Ever.
Warning!!!  Hers contains sexually explicit situations that may be uncomfortable for some.  These include FF, FMF, and MFM interactions.

Guest Reviewer Tina says…

This book had me at Levi!!!
I just finished Hers by Dawn Robertson.  This book is about a tough businesswoman by day and sexy as hell sex club dominant by night.  Seven James is not your typical leading lady.  First of all, how cool of a first name is Seven??!!  That’s the kind of name you get when you are born to crazy hippy parents!  Although Seven is a hardcore executive that rules the boardroom 9-5, she puts on the leather corsets and takes no prisoners in the sex club that she frequents regularly at night!  So you would think she is a strong, self-assured woman, right?  Nope-not this girl.  Poor thing feels unloved, used, weak, and beyond lonely.  After a very rough childhood and a cruel breakup during her college years, Seven’s dominant nature is just a mask for the loveless past that she has experienced.
“As I repair each missing brick, another falls at the other end.  I’m fighting a losing battle, and there is nothing I can do about it.”
In Seven’s quest at corporate domination and revenge on the college boy that broke her heart, she becomes the President of the corporation where her ex-boyfriend is on the board.   Boy-that doesn’t make Daniel Alexander too happy!  But to add fuel to the fire, Seven realizes that also on the board is the HOT Levi Parker, her most recent “sub” at the sex club.  Levi was not able to get the images out of his head from their night of steamy, kinky sex and he wants lots more of it!  Seven is torn about letting Levi into her bed and even more unsure about letting him into her heart.  A business trip forces these two to spend a week together…is it all work and no play?  Can Levi break down the huge wall that Seven has around her heart?
“The floor is pulled out from under me.  Know me?  What is this, the fucking Love Connection?”
The book is different on so many levels and I loved it.  I love a “strong” female character.  I would almost describe Seven as an alpha female, if there is such a title!  This book is highly erotic; it needs to come with a warning label!  This book includes a lot sex and not just the standard male/female kind!!!!  And then there is Levi, with whom I fell in love.  You need to read the book to find out why!!!  If you can handle the hot and crazy sex, then you will love Hers.  There is a sequel Finding Willow, that is due to be released in 2014.

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About the Author:

Dawn is a woman of many colors.  Born and raised in the North-East, the youngest child of three, to two hardworking, and extremely dedicated parents, she thrived on her love for creative writing.  Her commitment to hard work lead her down a number of career paths over the years, stopping with her love of fiction.
In a bold, and unexpected move, she quit her full-time nine to five gig to thrust herself into her debut erotic novel, Hers.
Dawn is a mother, entrepreneur, and self proclaimed book whore.