Frozen Barriers by Sara Shirley: Blog Tour & Review

Frozen Barriers by Sara Shirley: Blog Tour & ReviewFrozen Barriers by Sara Shirley
on May 22, 2014
Genres: Love & Romance

"Live your Dreams, Follow your Heart"

Emily Cameron is America's newest figure skating star looking for her own personal identity. Her high profile life was never her dream, it was her parents.

Jeremy Page is a minor league hockey player who always imagined himself playing for the NHL.

A chance encounter has them crossing paths after several years apart. Which way will his heart lead him? Will Emily embrace his charm?

Just when things finally fall into place, an unexpected event occurs leaving Emily reevaluating everything in her life.

Can Emily escape from under her parent's intrusive ways and take a chance on love? Will Jeremy be able to break down the barriers that have held her back for so long?

Alexis says…

“Frozen Barriers” is a true story about breaking down one’s barriers (pun totally intended) and allowing love to find its way in. It’s also about standing up for yourself and not letting people dictate your life.

Emily is a completely sheltered, 21-year old figure skater. She eats, sleeps, and breathes figure skating. Her cold and calculated parents, have made it clear that skating is the most important thing in her life, end of. I really felt bad for her, as she missed out on many things that happen in a young girl’s life, dates, girlfriends, and just being an ordinary teenager. Jeremy is a minor league hockey player who has been in love with Emily for over 8 years when he gave her his number and she promised to call. This was the second time he had met her, the first time was 11. Flash forward to the present where Jeremy and Emily are reunited again and this time he will not her go. Jeremy and Emily begin to date, but can the pressures of her skating and his hockey keep them apart?

Like I said earlier, I just felt awful for Emily. Her parents were just despicable and cared only about what they could gain from her celebrity. I have to admit I cringed a bit when Emily would refer to her mom as “mother”. We are talking about a girl so sheltered that she literally learned about sex and whatnot from reading books and watching YouTube videos. But then, on the other hand she was such a professional when it came to the skating world. I enjoyed how the author made music a huge part of the story. I found myself Googling some of the songs and reading the lyrics. I did have a hard time with the insta-love factor in the book not just on Emily’s side but also with Jeremy. I wish I had been able to feel why these people loved each other so quickly. The supporting characters were a great addition to the story and the next story is about Josh, Jeremy’s brother.





About Sara Shirley

A romance novel addict finds herself staying up well past her bedtime to see how the next story is going to end. Sara spends her days living on a vineyard in wine country with her husband and cat. Her family hailed from Italy where her ancestors lived in the mountains of Rocca di Cambio. A former Broadway star and champion skier whose career was cut short because of her passion for being a wine sommelier. It was on her way west where she met her husband, the President of a very influential MC in California. You can find her riding off through the vineyards on the back of a Harley almost every night.

Her passion for books has been viewed as borderline obsessive. But, when all you have is time and a bottle of wine awaiting you as the sun sets off the veranda writing became second nature.

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