Forked by Melanie Harlow: Review

Forked by Melanie Harlow: ReviewForked by Melanie Harlow
on October 21st, 2014
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
Pages: 300

Twenty-eight year old Coco Thomas knows the recipe for disaster:

1) Agree to plan last-minute engagement blowout for spoiled Mafia princess before you realize her choice of caterer is Nick Lupo, a despicably gorgeous young chef with a hot new restaurant in town, a reality TV show victory, and a romantic past with you—one that did not end well.

2) Strike a deal with Nick in which you agree to spend a weekend with him in exchange for his services, under the strict conditions there will be no talking about the past, no second chances, and definitely no sex.

3) Violate all three conditions within 24 hours and spend two glorious days remembering what made you fall for the sexy, egotistical bastard in the first place, and why it hurt so much when he broke your heart.

Add one road trip, plenty of good scotch, and endless spoonfuls of chocolate cake batter drizzled over your body and licked off inch by oh-my-God-yes-right-there inch, then just admit it.

You’re totally FORKED.

Alexis says…

I have come to love Melanie Harlow’s books. They have beautiful covers, engrossing love stories, wittiness, and beyond SKOKINESS! Holy moly…Forked was super scorching!

You may remember Coco from Frenched, she is Mia’s bestie and business partner. You don’t necessarily have to read Frenched first, but I highly recommend you do.

Anywhoo…Coco is saving up for her dream house even though it needs some serious TLC. In order to get the money she desperately needs for a down payment, she takes on planning an engagement party. Not just an ordinary engagement party but a Mafia Princess’s soiree. This diva has a lot of demands but the biggest demand is to have Nick Lupo’s, a famous restaurateur, dishing up burgers at her event. In any other circumstance this would be fine but Coco and Nick have history…a whole book full. When Coco asks Nick for this favor, he has one demand of his own-spend the weekend with him.

“Although, nothing is really lost forever. When a thing is meant to be found, the right person will find it.”

I really enjoyed this one, in fact, I finished it within 24 hours. I loved the chemistry between Nick and Coco. They both had a lot of baggage and both resented each other from the past. There was a bit of a push and pull between the two of them. Would they be able to forgive and move on? Or would they be stuck in the past and let the resentment stick?

“Because this felt real. Familiar. Right. As if we were picking up our story where we left off, but now we had a chance to give it a better ending.”

Both Coco and Nick were great characters and the story was super-cute. I am a sucker for second chance love stories so I gobbled this one up! If you are looking for a fun, mildly angsty love story filled with smoking hot scenes-then grab up this series!


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About Melanie Harlow

Melanie Harlow likes her martinis dry, her lipstick red, and her history with the naughty bits left in. Her stories are inspired by a sense of place, an appreciation for the past, and unexpected pleasures in life—especially the romantic kind. She lifts her glass to readers and writers from her home near Detroit, MI, where she lives with her husband and two daughters.