For Life by L.E. Chamberlin: Review

For Life by L.E. Chamberlin: ReviewFor Life by L.E. Chamberlin
on August 18, 2015
Genres: Love & Romance

Cassie Daley found her soulmate at seventeen. Steadfast, sexy, and bold, Grady Mahoney walked into her world one night and claimed her for life. But after an unplanned college pregnancy and six years of struggling, their marriage fell apart. Now, despite sharing custody of their two children, they’ve barely spoken face-to-face in nearly eleven years.

She’s managed to keep both Grady and her emotions at bay for over a decade, but when a family tragedy throws the two together, Cassie must face both the man she fell in love with and the demons that drove them apart. Grady makes it clear that he wants their family back together, but can Cassie’s heart afford to take a second chance on first love?

Alexis says…

I honestly think one of the best “highs” is finishing an absolutely fabulous book. A book you don’t want to put down, tell everyone about, and ultimately makes you fall in love with reading again. Trust me, For Life is the sort of book that will have you falling in love with reading all over again. It’s THAT book that will remind you that there are certain times in life where you do get that do-over.

“Twenty years ago, I met a boy at a football game who changed my life forever.”

For Life is all about second chances. Cassie and Grady met in high school and fell utterly in love from the get-go. They marry early and eventually have kids soon after. In those early years, Grady didn’t put his best foot forward in their marriage which ultimately was the demise of their union. Many years later, when faced with a tragedy, they are both together after many years of barely any contact besides changing custody of their children for the weekend. During this time…old feelings arise as well as resentments. Can Cassie and Grady put the past behind them and move forward?

“I know what I signed. I know what we are, legally. But those divorce papers don’t mean shit to me. I’ve loved you since I was sixteen years old and I’’’ never love another woman but you as long as I live.”

For Life was a glimpse into what I think can and may happen to many relationships. I can definitely see how their marriage ended up in divorce. You get the “feels” of what was happening and why Cassie felt the way she did all those years ago. Ms. Chamberlin wove the beginning of their relationship into the present which added so much more depth to the story and had you wanting a happy ending for Grady and Cassie.

“I never gave up home that somehow we’d find our way back to each other.”

This book was such a fresh breath of air as I have not found “that book” to totally fawn over in a long while. I am an angst-lover and this was a definite treat for me. I think the fact that the chapters were told in dual POV helped feed my addiction for this book. Can I also say that this book is hot as h*ll?! The chemistry these two shared was off-the-charts-hot-you made need a hand-held fan!! Plus, the added dimension of having children and how they add into the equation is just another thing I loved about this one. There aren’t enough books written about women in their 30’s and that’s another thing that hit the spot.

I highly recommend this breathtaking book. I honestly did not want it to end…hence the sneak reading at the most inappropriate times. I can’t wait to dig into more of Ms. Chamberlin’s works. Okay, enough gushing on my part…go grab it!


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L.E. Chamberlin is a foodie and former librarian who never returns her library books on time. She has a weakness for all things British, including cream teas, Wellies, fish & chips and the full spectrum of scrumptious accents. An aficionado of steamy romances, she wrote her first one at age thirteen and still has all eighty-six handwritten pages of it in a box under her bed.

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