Finished by Claire Kent: Review

Finished by Claire Kent: ReviewFinished by Claire Kent
on October 14th, 2014
Genres: Erotica, Romantic Suspense
Pages: 250

For the last year, Julia has lived with two men.

Drayton is hot and mysterious, and Mike takes care of her. Together, they have great sex and a mostly stable relationship—one Julia thought satisfied her. After all, how can she complain about having two sexy men at the same time?

Then everything starts to change. Drayton is keeping a dark secret that threatens more than their arrangement. It might actually threaten their lives. And Mike keeps becoming more alpha than she’s ever known him to be.

What once was fun and casual is now a tangle of conflicting desires. Drayton wants to keep his freedom. Julia wants a real commitment.

And Mike…well, Mike just wants her.

Stacia Says…

Three people living together with an exclusive “no emotional strings” sexual relationship happening between the three of them. From the start I had no idea how a “no emotional strings” relationship would work, especially when this group of people had been together for over a year… you have to form some type of attachment to a person after this amount of time. But this is Claire Kent we are talking about and knowing her writing, I figured it was going to be a sexy ménage’ story.

The book literally starts off with a bang (pun intended) and we get a glimpse into how the “relationship” between Mike, Julia, and Drayton works.
Julia used to be a fairly traditional, single woman when she met Drayton, they dated for a few months when the idea of a threesome came up. They all enjoyed it so much, that after hooking up several more times they decided to move in together.
Mike is the quiet, laid-back guy. But lately he seems more and more intense with Julia and the friendship between Mike and Drayton is almost non-exist.
Drayton is the irresistible one; he is experienced and has a level of mysteriousness to him. His “mysterious” ways are starting to look more like secrets and lies, which could cause major problems in this relationship.

“Life isn’t about perfect happy endings. They’re impossible in this world. Life is about choosing. And then about giving up what we don’t choose.” 

This definitely isn’t your typical male/female/male relationship, due to all the secrets and lies. While the first half of the book was spent getting to know exactly how their relationship worked and more about how they came to be together, the second half of the book seemed more of a mystery/suspense type book; which to me, didn’t seem to fit with the original premise of the book.

One thing that I didn’t understand and had a problem was Julia. If she suspected one of her lovers of suspicious activity (I won’t say which “lover” she suspected, to avoid spoilers) why did she continue to live with him, slept with him, and trust him. He did so many things that were fishy and he gave her plenty of reasons to think something wasn’t right. Plus when things started to get a little dangerous, why didn’t she talk to him about it or go to the police? Instead she decides to have sex with him!! The whole just wasn’t realistic.
Plus I really didn’t feel a connection to Julia. I found her to be weak, easily persuaded, and kinda wishy-washy.
Mike was probably the only character I felt like I got to know and enjoyed. He was protective, loving, and he tried to make his feelings for Julia known.

I did enjoy the first part of this book and am I huge fan of Claire Kent’s other books. I think part of my problem was that I assumed that this was a romance book like Claire normally writes; but clearly it is not. As a reader, you should go into this knowing you are reading more of a romantic suspense book than anything else, this might you enjoy it more. I would have liked less dramatics and more connection. I also would have liked more of an explanation of the ending; instead I was left feeling kind of confused.


About Claire Kent

Claire has been writing romance novels since she was twelve years old. She has a PhD in British literature and, when she’s not writing, she teaches English at the university level.

She also writes contemporary romance under the penname Noelle Adams.