Eternavix by Alex L. Kaine: Promo Post & Giveaway


Welcome to the future.  Genetic engineering has been perfected, manmade dragons fly the skies and devils are bred as weapons of war.  A powerful stem-cell drug called Eternavix promises eternal youth, but ONLY if you are loyal to The Universal Imperium—the empire of empires that dominates the planet. 

Eternavix can only be produced by using the DNA of women with rare, genetic traits.  Mara is a Eurasian with vivid blue eyes, making her a perfect candidate for DNA extraction.  She travels to war-torn Chicago with the hopes of beginning a new life, completely unaware that her body is worth a fortune to the greed mongers willing to sell her to The Imperium.  Her only chance at freedom from a secret, desert prison known as “The Nursery” is an unorthodox alliance with a bio-designed devil who unexpectedly falls in love with her.  Is her life worth making a deal with the devil?

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About the Author:

Alex Kaine is the pen name of a writer and author whose books in a different category have sold in tens of millions worldwide.  He is an eclectic reader and a lover of all writing well written no matter the genre. He has been an independent, self-supporting, paying-the-bills, full-time author for…well, let’s just say many years.  Enternavix is his first sci-fi thriller.

Alex has a unique perspective on the issue of “selective wellness” that affects the world as a whole.  He enjoys discussions on genetic engineering as well as other high tech sci-fi realities in life today.


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