Casey’s Top Reads of 2014

Casey’s Top Reads of 2014

This year was such an exciting year for me as a reader! Not only did I read some amazing books but I joined this wonderful blog and became part of a huge family of book lovers.

Quite a few of my top reads this year were published in 2013 and 2012 but its a standing Three Girls rule that we use 2014 while I was sad to scratch the older ones off my list, they were very easily without further adieu

 Drumroll Please!!

Maybe Someday- Colleen Hoover

Every now and then you come across an emotionally charged book that is just so fantastic it will not let you go- this book was just that for me- #1 hands down this year

Archers Voice- Mia Sheridan

Such a sweet, comfortable read. Archer was so gentle with a beautiful soul.

Nine Minutes- Beth Flynn

I still think about this book- such raw and honest writing. I can not wait until book #2

Dearest Clementine- Lex Martin

2 words- ROCK STAR………..Clementine is way up there with my number one heroines. I totally have a girl crush <3 This is ALWAYS my first recommendation, it just has something for everyone.

Take a Chance- Abbi Glines

WOW just WOW……..Abbi actually made me blush (not an easy feat)- Grant was so super HOT.

Puddle Jumping- Amber L. Johnson

Surprises surely do come in small packages. A short yet POWERFUL story. I loved the characters in this book so dearly.

Stepbrother Dearest- Penelope Ward

This seems to be my second most recommendation this year- from the two -three leaf clovers on the cover to the story inside, this book could not be put down once I started it.

Bad Romeo- Leisa Rayven

I just finished this slice of fantasticness last night and knew immediately that I had to update my list. This is a well earned spot……..I fully expect to still be hungover tomorrow!

Black Lies- Alessandra Torre

I went into this book completely blind- I ALWAYS figure out the plot and where the story is going- but this book blindsided me. Everything I hate in a book was in this book- and I LOVED every second of it

Becoming Calder/Finding Eden- Mia Sheridan

It should come as no surprise that Mia had not one, not two, but three books on my top 10 list. I had to clump these last two together because I just could not separate them. What a differently unique and beautiful love story……..