Bound to the Past by Lauryn Micheals: Review

Bound to the Past by Lauryn Micheals: ReviewBound to the Past by Lauryn Micheals
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
Pages: 432

After a terrible motorcycle accident causes Jack Turner total memory loss, discovering what has happened in his past becomes crucial to him.

What is he doing back in Starville, the small Texas town he left behind many years before? And has he really murdered his adoptive father, as everyone seems to believe?

In a world full of doubts and misgivings, Jack's only certainty is Sara.

Novelist Sara Milano has been struggling with writer's block and blames it on her boring existence. The night she rescues mysterious Jack Turner on the road, however, she knows everything is about to change.

Convinced of Jack's innocence and determined to use his turbulent story as an inspiration for her new novel, Sara decides to help him through his journey of discovering the truth.

As Starville's hostility toward Jack turns into hatred, unveiling the real killer's identity becomes a matter of life or death.

 Casey says….

What happens when the town bad boy decides to roll back in?

Writer Sara Milano takes up residence in the small, friendly quaint town of Starville. Here she writes under an anonymous name so as not to be ridiculed by the town folks because of the spicy nature of her work. Up until now, Sara has always been a quiet, sweet, and go with the flow type of girl…………

Starvilles bad boy from the past makes a return to the town that once turned their backs on him when he needed them most. Only after an accident that happens the first night he is in town, Jack can no longer remember what brought him back there in the first place. Once seeking redemption Jacks hard edged way of living and cold demeanor change as he opens himself up to feelings that have stayed buried.

When the past and present collide for these two- things get heated up pretty quick. Sara can not seem to stop having thoughts of what it would feel like to be in Jacks arms, or under his body for that matter. Jack fights his feelings for Sara every step of the way, with so much hinging on his past and accusations made- he is left wondering if he can ever be good enough for someone as sweet as Sara. But eventually those sparks ignite and even Jack can no longer hold back on his need for Sara.

“I can feel you so much better without anything between us. And I do want to feel you completely, sweetheart. I’m dying to be inside you. You are mine, Sara. You’ve always been.” 

Lauryn Micheals gave me just what I love in a book. A lot of romance, a dash of sexy, and a heaping scoop of mystery. This book kept my heart pumping with a ton of twists and turns that completely took me off guard. Moving along at a good pace, the author continuously kept me on my toes wondering in what direction the story would head next.





About Lauryn Micheals

Lauryn Michaels is the author of contemporary romance novels edged with mystery and suspense. Her debut novel, BOUND TO THE PAST, is the first book in the Starville Series.

Reading has always been an essential part of Lauryn’s life, and she’s been an avid reader of romance since the age of thirteen, when she began sneaking her mother’s novels. She started writing her first stories that same year ― and can now confess that many of them were written in class and even during homework time!

Lauryn currently lives in Italy with her husband, their five-year-old son, and their two canine babies. When she’s not reading or writing, she enjoys traveling, cooking, playing the piano, and spending lazy evenings watching movies with her family.

Lauryn loves hearing from her readers, so feel free to drop her an e-mail or contact her via Facebook, Goodreads, or Twitter!