Sweet Home by Tillie Cole: Blog Tour and Review


“I had never put much thought into the story of Romeo and Juliet. Never once truly considered the plight of the ill-fated lovers or what they went through to be together. All that changed when my life spiraled onto a similar path.”

The University of Alabama.

Crimson Tide Football.

One unattainable senior star Quarterback.

And me, Molly Shakespeare, an English transfer student.

All it took was one look. One fateful gaze into a set of chocolate brown eyes and my world shifted on its axis. Only weeks into life at a new American College and he entered my world– Romeo Prince.
Romeo’s devastating bad-boy facade and stern tone captured my heart in an instant and for the first time in years, I’d found someone who ripped through my defenses  I’d found my home, I’d found someone who made me… feel.

A darkness.

An uncontrollable anger.

An almost-realized NFL dream.

Romeo Prince, on the surface, had it all; looks, money, and talent in abundance. In reality he was a pawn, a puppet tied to his parent’s rigid and masterful strings, casting his seemingly perfect life in misery.
One fateful meeting with the new English transfer student, and his life was thrust into turmoil. His choice as simple, choose duty or choose love. Both came with consequences, but one would change his life forever.

Mature New Adult Novel- contains adult content, highly sexual situations, and mature topics. Suited for ages 18 and up*

Stacia Says…

Molly ‘Juliet’ Shakespeare is an English transfer student to the University of Alabama, working toward her PhD, at only 20-years old. She has lost a lot in her life and has learned that focusing on her studies is what she needs to do to get by; even though she often feels terribly lonely.
Running into Romeo Prince, the star quarterback for the Crimson Tide, changes everything. He isn’t what he appears to be on the surface; he has secrets that he doesn’t share with anyone and he is just as lonely as Molly is.“It only took Romeo one look at Juliet and his fate was sealed. Maybe I’m just like my namesake, and maybe you’re just like yours.”

Molly was a likeable character from the beginning; awkward, clumsy, kind of nerdy, and with a love for crocs…she is just trying to blend in at her new school. Romeo, appears to be the typical alpha-male, sexy star football player. But, there is so much more to him than what everyone else sees. He is definitely swoon-worthy.
“That’s what I don’t get. Why would you want me for just me? No one ever has before.”
I think the author did a great job with this story. It was sexy, funny, and even had a little angst thrown in the mix. I loved Molly’s friends who had her back like no one ever has before and her friend Cass had me laughing out loud. I also liked the whole play on Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. I would have liked a longer epilogue, but I always want more, especially when I enjoyed the characters. I LOVED the bonus chapter with Romeo’s POV… I am a sucker for a male POV.
“We’re star-crossed, Shakespeare. Fateful star-crossed lovers. We have a lifetime to get to know each other, unlike our namesakes. I’ll make sure we get our happily ever after.”


Romeo’s nostrils flared and he stepped closer. “You want to know all about my sexual past, all the sordid details? Fine! I’ve fucked a lot of girls, in many different ways, in many different places. They’d throw themselves my way and I’d give them what they wanted, and they’d fuckin’ love it.”Before I knew what’d happened, I’d struck his face with my hand, the loud slap amplified by the tinny acoustics in the boxy room.

Blood scolded my veins, my chest pounded, and Rome turned a dark shade of purple.
“Did that feel good?” Have you got it outta your system now?” he bit out, rubbing his hand along his cheek.
Tears swelled in my eyes. I didn’t mean to hit him, but no one had ever evoked such a reaction in me before. I was physically shaking with the sudden rush of adrenalin.
Romeo leaned against the opposite wall, lowering his head. “They fucked Bullet. They only ever fucked Bullet!”
My breath paused with hurt. “Nice, Rome. Real nice. Is that what you’ll do to me? Let me fuck the great Bullet Prince, give me what I want, and move on?”
He stormed forward, forcing me back so my spine was flush against the cold steel shelves, his arms bracing me in a cage on either side. “Not at all, Shakespeare, but hear this. I’m gonna fuck you, but I’m also gonna make love to you too. I’m gonna own every goddamn piece of your soul, and I’m never gonna let you go. You’re gonna scream my name over and over until it’s permanently lodged in your fuckin’ throat. You’re not gonna be just a fuck to me, Mol- you’re gonna be my fuckin’ salvation!”

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Tillie Cole is a Northern girl through and through. She originates from a place called Teesside on that little but awesomely sunny (okay I exaggerate) Isle called Great Britain. She was brought up surrounded by her English rose mother–a farmer’s daughter, her crazy Scottish father, a savagely sarcastic sister, and a multitude of rescue animals and horses.

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