Black Iris by Leah Raeder: Review

Black Iris by Leah Raeder: ReviewBlack Iris by Leah Raeder
Published by Atria Books on April 28th, 2015
Pages: 368

It only took one moment of weakness for Laney Keating’s world to fall apart. One stupid gesture for a hopeless crush. Then the rumors began. Slut, they called her. Queer. Psycho. Mentally ill, messed up, so messed up even her own mother decided she wasn't worth sticking around for.

If Laney could erase that whole year, she would. College is her chance to start with a clean slate.

She's not looking for new friends, but they find her: charming, handsome Armin, the only guy patient enough to work through her thorny defenses—and fiery, filterless Blythe, the bad girl and partner in crime who has thorns of her own.

But Laney knows nothing good ever lasts. When a ghost from her past resurfaces—the bully who broke her down completely—she decides it's time to live up to her own legend. And Armin and Blythe are going to help.

Which was the plan all along.

Because the rumors are true. Every single one. And Laney is going to show them just how true.

She's going to show them all.

Casey Says…..

I don’t even know where to begin with this review. It’s been a week since I finished reading Black Iris and my brain is still trying to process everything. I do know that my most used words throughout the entire book were: What. The. Fuck., Whoa, and Holy Shit. If I had to give this book a certain number of stars I would be incapable…… I seriously don’t even know. It was unlike anything I have ever read (IMO that is a GOOD thing). It was dark, mind blowing, and an absolutely enjoyable lesbian/bi-sexual love triangle romance, although that may be to rainbow of a word for the likes of these individuals.

“ I am not the heroine of this story…. I’m diagnosed borderline and seriously fucked-up. I hold grudges. I bottle my hate until it ferments into poison, and then I get high off the fumes.”

VENGEANCE, AN EYE FOR AN EYE- the evil that lurks inside each of us, wanting retribution for the wrong that has been inflicted upon us.

Laney Keating- our bitter protagonist, leads a life that has been heading downhill since birth. With a mother that believes her daughter is the dark side that was spawned from her- Laney deals in the ugly side of humanity. The story will suck you into the bottomless pit that it is, and spit you out on the other end- bedraggled and hungover.

“Scars tell a story. My whole life was written on my body. How are you supposed to leave the past behind when you carry it with you in your skin?”

I truly believe going in blind is best for anyone who decides to read this one, so I won’t post in regards to the plot and other characters. But be prepared, for it is dark, it is somewhat gruesome- and I am going to go crawl in the corner and read some utopic unicorn shit now.



About Leah Raeder

LEAH RAEDER is a writer and unabashed nerd. Aside from reading her brains out, she enjoys graphic design, video games, fine whiskey, and the art of self-deprecation. She lives with her very own manic pixie dream boy in Chicago.