Bend by Kivrin Wilson: Review

Bend by Kivrin Wilson: ReviewBend by Kivrin Wilson
on April 7, 2016
Genres: Love & Romance


Jay Bradshaw. My boyfriend’s best friend.

He was never supposed to be anything more—until he was.

When my college boyfriend betrayed me and left, breaking my heart, Jay picked a side. He chose me. He stayed, and for the past six years, he’s been my rock, my anchor, my compass…

Now we’ve grown up, finished school, and have careers. Me as a nurse practitioner; Jay as a doctor. He’s been everything I needed, but now I want more. I can’t stop thinking about him, and I’m done hiding it.

It’s time to find out if he wants me, too.


A friend. Not a lover. That’s who Mia Waters is to me.

I’ve tried damn hard to make sure our relationship stays that way. I’m the shoulder she leans on, the last one to talk to her before she goes to sleep at night… And after six years, she means more to me than my own family.

The moment I met her, I wanted her. But she belonged to someone else, so I pushed the need down. I didn’t take what I wanted. I’m not that guy. Her happiness meant more.

Until now. Until she asks me a question that shatters our unspoken boundaries. Have you ever thought about having sex with me? Six years of keeping her at arm’s length, and I can feel myself starting to give in and lose control with her.

I can’t let it happen. There are reasons I didn’t get close. She hasn’t let go of her ex-boyfriend, not really. And she has no idea about the lies I’ve told her.

What if she finds out about me? What if she finds out who I really am?

And what will she do when I leave?

Alexis says…

I’m not going to beat around the bush here. A book friend sent me the synopsis for this one and said that we should read it together. I dragged mY feet a little bit for a few reasons. One, this was a debut author and I’ve been in a rut as of late and DNF’d a lot of books and was a bit concerned. Two, the friends-to-lovers trope is one of my faves yet I needed something new and fresh in order to “get into it”. I really didn’t want something super-cliche. Thirdly, I usually need some meat on my “book bones” not something light and fluffy.  So after some discussion I gave into her and started the book.

Jay and Mia have been friends since college and their friendship survived Mia’s breakup to Jay’s roommate/best friend at the time.  Both are now in the medical field, Mia a nurse practitioner and Jay an ER resident.  They are best friends through and through yet there is something missing.  That is…until Mia asks Jay a very important question. This changes the course of their relationship forever.

Bend was a slow burn from friends-to-lovers. When Jay finally gives into Mia all bets all off. Their chemistry was absolutely scorching…seriously so flipping hot! Slowly Jay comes to terms with the fact that he is, in fact, in love with Mia.

There are certain circumstances in his life that molded him into this dark, secretive, regimented, brooding man.  But I will admit…I almost wanted to scream that this is something he should’ve realized earlier.

Mia on the other hand is this little ray of sunshine that is also a bit unfiltered. She hails from this tight-knit family. She is also quite the vixen in disguise…she will stop at nothing and can be a bit ruthless, haha!

Bend was an awesome debut. Seriously I can’t get over that this one is Kivrin Wilson’s first novel.  It was written very well, and kept me engaged the entire time. There were so much depth to this one and dealt with some serious themes. So obviously my concerns were completely dismissed by chapter three and I was completely addicted. I highly recommend you check this one out if you are fan of this trope-you will not be disappointed!

I for one, cannot wait to see what is next up for Ms. Wilson!




About Kivrin Wilson

Kivrin Wilson is a contemporary romance author whose debut novel, BEND, is available now.