Another Shot At Love by Niecey Roy: Blog Tour, Review, and Excerpt

Another Shot at Love (book 1 What’s love series)
New Adult Romantic Comedy/Contemporary Romance
Released October 21, 2013


Imogen Gorecki has a problem- her twin sister just got engaged, and guess who’s the best man? That’s right, her scum-of-an-ex-boyfriend who she caught cheating with a bottle-blonde, with fake breasts and a stripper’s flexibility. There’s a disturbing possibility her eyes will never recover.
Gen needs a date of the engagement party, but finding Mr. Perfect in a time crunch is proving impossible. Just when she’s about to give up, she face-plants into the crotch of the sexiest guy she’s ever met.
Matt Sesnick is everything Gen wants in a man- except he’s not interested in a relationship. Can she convince Matt to take another shot at love, or will Gen’s pregnant, hormonal older sister, her bridezilla twin, and all of her past Mr. Wrongs get in the way of their happily-ever-after?

Stacia Says…

This book is a laugh-out-loud romantic comedy,with a sarcastic, blunt, and recently burnt-by-love main character Imogen (Gen). But who wouldn’t be pissed about walking in on their boyfriend of over two years, “banging” his slutty ex. I would be right there with Gen, throwing all of his stuff out the window and then leaving and not looking back. Gen’s sisters proceed to set her up on one bad blind date after another, believing that she needs to move on from her ass of an ex. This just leads to more crazy antics and the things that come out of these sister’s mouths had me cracking up; they are a crazy bunch.
After one of these awkward blind dates, Gen literally finds herself face-to-crotch with sexy, handsome Matt.
“I pushed away my plate of spaghetti and turned in my seat to grab my purse hanging on the back of my chair. And ended up face-to-crotch with a man in a pair of slacks… My nose rolled over his penis and when I gasped my lips brushed against the slacks, like a kiss.”
Gen and Matt spend the night talking, laughing and getting to know each other. Neither of them are read for a relationship, so they decide to be friends…even though their chemistry is through the roof. Besides Matt, Gen and her eccentric family, there are several other supporting characters that had me rolling with laughter…. including her best friend Roxanne and geeky Richard, who seems to do everything wrong with it comes to women. The story in general had a good flow, however, I did feel that the last 10-15% seemed rushed compared to the rest of the book. This book is the first in the series, although this story definitely gets closure and the 2nd book will be about supporting characters in this story.

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“Gennie-bear, you want another bite of this cupcake? You can use my fork,” Brent said and held it out to me. With his saliva on it. I had no idea where his mouth had been lately. Gross.
I shook my head. “Uh, no thanks. I’m good. I’ll get another fork.” I said and shoved my chair back so hard it made a loud, screeching noise across the floor. I smiled an apology before I escaped and wondered how I could prolong the simple task of retrieving a fork.
I took my time at the counter talking to Melanie about the weather, about cupcake batter and about where she got her plastic forks, anything to delay my return to the table. When Lexie sent me the twin death glare, I sighed and went back to the table.

Brent had eaten half of my Lemon Drop cupcake.

“That one was really good,” he said and sent me a sparkly smile.
I almost stabbed him with my fork, but the bell above the door jingled and I looked up to see Matt standing there.
The light flooding through behind him tipped his dark hair in gold. I nearly sighed. Was it weird I thought I heard sirens and angels singing? There he was, my knight in shining armor, saving me again. I threw the fork down and bounded from my chair. It tipped backward, but the sound of it crashing to the floor was muffled as everything else faded to the background. I rushed into his arms and he caught me to his chest with a deep laugh and it reverberated through my body like a bass drum. His arms circled around me, wrapping me in his warmth and I breathed in the scent of him, my face feeling like it might crack with my smile.
His cheek rested against my temple and I sighed, content. Would my heart ever stop racing when my eyes caught sight of him? I hoped not. It was exhilarating and terrifying at the same time.
“You came,” I whispered, not willing to let him go.
“Did you doubt I would?” He dropped a kiss to the tip of my nose, sending shivers down my spine, the butterflies knocking like mad into each other inside my stomach.

About the Author

Niecey Roy knew she wanted to be a writer from a very young age, but her moment of enlightenment came after watching the movie You’ve Got Mail. It was then she realized her place in life, and happily parked her butt on writing romance. Her dream was to create sexy vixens, hunky, half-naked heroes, and above all, romance; lots and lots of butterflies in the belly, breathless first kisses and happily-ever-afters.
Most days she can be found at a cluttered desk, pounding her tired little fingers away on a keyboard with nothing but black pepper flavored sunflower seeds and Visine as her weapons for mass-romance-novel-creation. When her fingers need a break, you’ll her at a table with friends, drinking a few martini’s and showing off a new pair of (sometimes ridiculous) high heels. She’s usually the loudest at the table and most often the one snorting with laugther.
Niecey is the author of Fender Bender Blues, a contemporary romantic comedy published by The Wild Rose Press.
Niecey loves hearing from fans!!!


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