Alluring Temptation by Skye Turner: Review

Alluring Temptation by Skye Turner: ReviewAlluring Temptation by Skye Turner
on May 29th, 2014
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance
Pages: 231

Liam Christianson is the devil-may-care, rhythm guitarist for Bayou Stix, the hottest rock band around. He’s a playboy and likes to do things his way. No regrets. He knows that women love him, and he uses that to his advantage. He’s cocky and shallow. Or so it seems.

Clove Rodrigue is the baby sister of Liam’s bandmate and friend. She’s a sweet, fairly innocent young woman who was dealt a bad hand and became a victim of circumstance. After finishing culinary school, she returns home to Baton Rouge. She finds herself living under the same roof as Liam and they quickly realize they are like oil and water. He hates how perfect she is, and she can’t stand his treatment of women.

Both Liam and Clove are accustomed to letting others see only what they want them to see, each hiding behind false pretenses.

What happens when polar opposites realize that their hatred of one another is really attraction? Will they succumb to the allure? What happens when the things that you fight so hard against are the very things you need the most in the world?

Stacia Says…

Alluring Temptation (book 3 in the Bayou Stix series) tells the story of Liam Christianson, the playboy guitarist for Bayou Stix and Clove Rodrigue the little sister of fellow band-mate Dade.

Liam hasn’t had too many people stick around in his life; his dad left shortly after he was born, his mom abandoned him to his grandparents, his older brother died serving his Country in Afghanistan, and his grandma died shortly after his brother. To deal with the constant feeling of not being enough and the loss of everyone in his life, he turns to sex and lots and lots of random women. To most he appears as a playboy and a cocky guy that doesn’t care. But really he just wants to find someone that loves and understands him and someone who wants to sticks around and be part of his life.

After just getting out of a very hurtful and destructive relationship, Clove follows her brother home to heal and reassess her life. She recently finished culinary school and loves to cook and create new things, but isn’t sure how to translate this passion into a career. When Liam moves in to her brothers house to “watch over her” while he is away on vacation, the constant tension and fighting between Clove and Liam come to a head. She has wanted him for years, but believes he doesn’t see her as more than a little sister; while he has been attracted to her, but believes that she deserves so much better then someone like him. He has never been in a relationship, but is willing to try if it means keeping Clove in his life.

“I’ll woo… you. If I have to.” Looking deep into her apprehensive eyes, I go in for the kill. “I’d like to date you. I don’t know how to date, so you’ll have to help me with that.”

Once Liam and Clove gave into their feelings and started pursing more from each other, I really fell for this couple. I wanted to see them be happy and after hearing about all the loss that Liam had experienced, I wanted more for him. I did feel like the build up to their relationship took up quite a large chunk of the book and then the book ended very quickly. One minute they were sitting at the kitchen table and then it is the authors acknowledgments. I realize when authors write series, it is probably easier to continue the story when it ends suddenly, so it can be picked up in the next book, but this is one of my newest pet peeves with books. I needed an epilogue or at the very least an extra chapter or two. I wanted to see what comes next for Liam and Clove, before we move on to the next band member. Aside from this though, I would still recommend this series and this book to others and I look forward to Dade’s story coming this fall.


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About Skye Turner

Skye Turner is an avid reader and an editor turned writer.
She attended Southeastern Louisiana University and Louisiana State University where she majored in Mass Communications, centering her studies in Journalism. Unfortunately life intervened and she made the choice to leave her studies.
She lives in small town Louisiana with her husband, 2 children, and 4 fur babies.
When she’s not chained to her laptop pounding out sexy stories she can usually be found playing Supermom, reading, gardening (playing in the dirt), listening to music and dancing like a fool, or catching up on her family oriented blog.


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