The Silent Waters by Brittainy C. Cherry: Release Day Blitz & Review

The Silent Waters by Brittainy C. Cherry: Release Day Blitz & ReviewThe Silent Waters by Brittainy C. Cherry
on September 22, 2016
Genres: Coming Of Age, Love & Romance, New Adult

Alexis says…

There are so many words to describe The Silent Waters. Moving. Intense. Heart-breaking. Inspiring. I think I might just stick with those for now and say that it was an emotionally heart-breaking read that not only moved me but inspired me.

At the beginning of the book, we are treated to an adorable, young and vivacious Maggie who is determined to marry Brooks. Brooks is her brother’s best friend and definitely doesn’t want to admit that he has feelings for Maggie. Brittainy captured their young, fun, and cute crushes perfectly. Everything is set for their “wedding”.

That is, until tragedy strikes and changes Maggie. I’m going to be honest, part of it was hard for me to read. Not only did this awful event change her, it changed her entire family dynamic. You can feel the strain of that awful event and the ripple effect it had to her siblings and parents. The only shining light was Brooks. He was the only one who was able to soothe Maggie from the pain, anxiety, and fear that crippled her. Through music and eventually reading he was able to give her some semblance of peace. Brooks was an amazing character. He made my heart soar, made me smile, and swoon all at the same time.

“The world keeps spinning because your heartbeats exist.”
Their love story evolves through time and blossoms into this beautiful relationship. It’s not a typical relationship by any means but it works for them.AHHH…there is so much more I want to say about this story, but I’m going to leave it at that.

“You promised”
Part of how I rate a book is by the emotions it evokes from me. For part of the story I was waiting on pins and needles for the other shoe to drop. That in itself was very stressful. Part of the time I was a bit stressed and a bit frustrated by Maggie. I wanted her to be able to move past her childhood, her fears and her anxiety. I wanted her to stand up for herself and take back her voice. This book just made me FEEL. That is the true test of how much I enjoyed the book. The love that Maggie and Brooks shared was something so unique with their circumstances. You felt their love with just a simple nod or hand grab.The Silent Waters is such a unique story that you must go in blind. You will lose some of the emotions if you don’t. Brittainy C. Cherry has written a beautiful, unique love story that you definitely need to experience for yourself. Also, if you are a crier like me, stock-pile some Kleenex.


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About Brittainy C. Cherry

Brittainy Cherry has been in love with words since the day she took her first breath. She graduated from Carroll University with a Bachelors Degree in Theatre Arts and a minor in Creative Writing. She loves to take part in writing screenplays, acting, and dancing–poorly of course. Coffee, chai tea, and wine are three things that she thinks every person should partake in! Brittainy lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with her family. When she’s not running a million errands and crafting stories, she’s probably playing with her adorable pets.

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